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Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Nijmegen March 18th 2012

Yesterday went by in a blur of jetlag....but the solo flight/train trip to Nijmegen went well. I was really grateful that Sarah warned me that the train leaves the Arnhem station (ie, the station before Nijmegen) the same direction that it comes in - otherwise, I probably would have had heart failure. There's a public market in Nijmegen on Saturdays, so we explored the market and had lunch at a cafe. Sarah's been feeling a bit under the weather and i was exhausted, so we had an early night (ie, I fell asleep on the chair before 6:30 - oops). We did buy a bunch of delicious food at the market to eat for dinner - gouda, brie, focaccia bread, chocolate, macademia nuts/peanuts/cashews, and stroopwaffles (delicious waffle cookies with a syrupy goo in the middle). Today ... read more
Photogenic Gouda

Europe » Ireland » County Sligo » Coolaney July 12th 2011

I am writing this from beside the fireplace in the Common Room of Dracula's Castle, listing to tourists from Wisconsin talk about ghost encounters on the Castle grounds. It's the only place in the entire building that there is an internet connection. Okay, it's actually Markree Castle - but I swear if I didn't know any better, I would think it's Dracula's Castle. Even the man currently working the reception area is from Romania... I'm a chicken, so I'm not sure how well I am going to sleep tonight - I also think I'm 100% ready to come home. Anyway, just a few highlights of the past couple days and some photos, since I haven't had an opportunity to update recently. July 10th: - Took a car ferry over the River Shannon - Visited the Cliffs ... read more
Moher 5
Aran 3
Aran 4

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle Peninsula July 9th 2011

Today I chased after sheep....only to receive angry "Baas" of irritation from the sheep as they fled from me and my camera. My plan to kidnap a sheep met with an epic failure today. I do think a sheep would be a perfect pet. I could let it out in our yard to eat the grass - thus eliminating the need for a lawn service. And, it could produce yarn for me! We spent most of the day driving around the Dingle Peninsula/Sleahead. Definitely a more traditional part of the country - and most road signs were printed in Gaelic only (I learned that Go MALL means "Go Slow"). Although the driving and navigation is becoming much easier, I am still getting rather tired of driving. I keep trying to convince mom to see the rest ... read more
Dingle Town
Dingle Peninsula
Random on Roadside

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney July 8th 2011

Today has been my favorite day here! We left Kinsale early this morning, heading toward Killarney (and I've had the Christmas in Killarney song stuck in my head ALL DAY). Along the way, we stopped at Bantry House and Gardens. Bantry House is a historic house that looks like something out of the pages of a Jane Austen novel. In fact, my favorite comment in the guest book was, "Where is Mr. Darcy?!" We toured the house, and gardens (pictures posted!), and had lunch at the tea shop before heading toward Killarney. The drive through County Kerry is amazing - it has the isolated, rugged green landscapes that you usually see in pictures of Ireland. I am also in love with the sheep - EVERYWHERE! (We even passed a farm where you can adopt a sheep: ... read more
Ross Castle
Bantry House
100 Stairs

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Blarney July 6th 2011

So internet the past few days has been almost nonexistant. But, I did blog those days, and am now posting what I've blogged. Day 2 of driving - SO much better than Day 1. We only had to stop and ask for directions once (at a rather shady looking gas station - although my Mom assured me that the man working there was extremely nice). Today's goal was to leave County Waterford, head into County Cork, and ultimately end in the town of Kinsale for the next two nights. Along the way, we had two castles to visit - Cahir Castle, and (of course!) Blarney Castle. Cahir Castle is in Cahir, and was built in 1124. It is one of the largest castles in Ireland that is still standing today. We spent about 30 minutes walking ... read more
Cahir Castle
Blarney Castle
Poison Garden

Europe » Ireland » County Waterford » Waterford July 5th 2011

Finally at a B&B with good internet AND hot showers! I have posted some pictures from the past few days! Anyway, today was not a good day. As my loving boyfriend would say, "morale is low, press on." Driving around Ireland is stressful, to say the least. First, there is being comfortable with driving on the wrong side of the road. The driving part isn't the problem - the turning part is. It's challenging to make narrow left hand turns, and wide right hand turns. Throw in the fact that we spent 90% of the day lost, and the necessity of finding gas stations to ask for directions....not a good day. However, there were a few highlights - Powerscourt Gardens in Eniskerry (uploaded some pictures) - Waterford...home of Waterford Crystal I am sad that we missed ... read more
Ireland 2011 066
Ireland 2011 011
Ireland 2011 012

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin July 4th 2011

The past two days have been fun – and exhausting! Quick trivia note of the day: There were once over 4,000 Public Houses (Pubs) in Dublin, and now they’re down to only 800. Just a quick brief summary… Sunday, July 3rd - Visited the Book of Kells at Trinity College, but was more in love with the Long Room - Walked along the Liffey and took pictures of the different bridges (Ha’penny Bridge and Millennium Bridge were my favorites) - Rode a bus tour throughout the city (favorite part of the tour was when the bus inexplicably stopped for 10 minutes, and I looked out the window to see our driver having a smoke and talking on his cell phone. Normally this would be okay, but it was only 4 stops into a 24 stop tour!) ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin July 2nd 2011

So where to begin with this adventure? We made it to the airport yesterday afternoon with plenty of time to spare (thank you again Jill for the ride!). A majority of the other people on our flight were members of a choir, so they were singing "Oh Danny Boy" over and over while we were waiting to board the plane. Fortunately, they didn't sing during the flight! As much as I dreaded the idea of a 7 hour flight, I have to admit the time flew by and the flight was fairly smooth. It was kind of fun to fly into the sunset AND the sunrise. Mom was lucky enough to pass out, but I spent most of the flight wide awake and watching movies. Fortunately, we were so excited to be here we didn't realize ... read more

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