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North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Orange November 28th 2007

Hey Y’all, After spending a couple quality weeks trying to catch up with everyone on the West Coast, it was time to get to the sun and surf. With a good friend of mine talking of 10 ft swell, offshore winds and sunny days, it was really a no-brainer to jump on a plane and head to Southern California, Newport Beach to be exact. Located in Orange County just south of LA, my friend Dave Kasa has an awesome place across the street from the beach and an ocean view to boot. Affectionately known as ‘Club 5000’ due to the large amount of international friends Dave has made, there are very few days a year where there isn’t at least someone surfing the couch as well as the waves. Dave is an awesome host, and hooked ... read more
Sweet Ride
I wish...

Europe » Netherlands September 21st 2007

Well there are definately some perks to working in Greenland... Apparently the only way out of Greenland in the fall/winter/spring is to fly all the way over to Denmark. As a result you end up flying halfway around the world from westcoast Canada, just to fly right back over Greenland to get home. Doesn’t make much travel sense, but when you think about it, there really isn’t a huge demand for a trip like this. So to break the traveling up a bit, it was decided to take a few days in the low countries of northern Europe, specifically Netherlands(Holland) and Belgium. Passing through Denmark and Germany en route, we stopped briefly but did not see much more than just the pastoral farmscapes as we circled in the sky… Myself and a buddy from work set ... read more
City Hall
Amsterdam Transportation
Climbing the Clocktower

North America » Greenland September 1st 2007

Greenland - anything but green, but a land of extremes to say the least. Word has it that back in the day when Denmark was trying to populate its new territory, they tried to convince settlers that this was a good place to settle, hence the lush sounding name. And as for Iceland, the inhabitants there already had the population they needed and so as to try and keep it for themselves, they chose a name that sounded harsh and uninviting. Apparently, it didn’t work out all that well for Denmark, today Greenland is home to only about 50000 inhabitants, with the majority widely spread out among small communities along the west coast. Greenland is a self governing territory of Denmark, which relies almost solely on an annual lump sum contribution from the Danish Government of ... read more
From the Ice to the Sea
Nuuk Skyline

North America » Greenland August 24th 2007

Greenland?? Well who would have thunk it. Not I, not this year. With finally getting back to work later than expected, I was anticipating an entire summer out in wild places around the Yukon. But the company I work for had more than just that in mind. But before getting into that let me elaborate slightly on the highlights of my first month of work in central Yukon. I was working up between Carmacks and Dawson on a helicopter fly-drill looking for gold in some very steep hillsides. I was in a great camp which, on one occasion deemed it a good evening to boost “camp moral”. We talked the helicopter pilot to fly an hour each way to Dawson to do a booze run. At a landed cost of $65/beer, that cool, tasty beverage never ... read more
Drill Rig in Central Yukon
Flying to Work 1
Flying to Work 2

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