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29th July 2010

I wish.....
Dear Kato, I wish I'd managed to catch up with you in London. We may have passed through Trafalgar Sq. minutes apart, or St. Paul's but we sure weren't on that tube here. How I wish I had been! It would have been bliss if I could describe it as sardines in a can but my experiences were molto squished and some laughing budda in the sky turned up the heat every time I got on! Next time I'll be a horse as I've become adept at sweating like one in crowds. Great to see your photos and know you're having such a packed life of fun (as well as the work). All the best, with love, Suz. xx
5th July 2010

yup that was my house on the left!!! ow having a missing my youth moment...!!!
13th April 2010

oah yay Kato!!! Great to see imagery and know everything is rocking!!! Seems that the temps both side of the globe are beginning to meet in the middle, the extended summer is leaving us and we had a couple days of winter, hmmm... Luck luck luck with the house cutie!!! xxx Crick and Mike
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