Alicia Bowe


Alicia Bowe

Mexico to Panama city done, on to South America...

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail January 21st 2013

Bolivia eventually allowed me into the country and I arrived after a 12hr journey, got a taxi to the Wild Rover hostel where we'd booked for the first couple of nights. Getting very excited at this stage to see Sinead and Bernie at the airport the next morning!a lovely early start meant I was at the airport for 4.20am, waiting impatiently, only to see the flight is delayed an hour and a half... :(La Paz airport is really small so I could see the plane land and taxi really close to the viewing area. I was the only gringo standing a good foot over all the little Bolivianos waving like a lunatic as I saw the girls get off the plane! After an emotional welcome we got a taxi back to the wild rover. We got ... read more
Those Andes again
La Paz
San Pedro Square

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa January 21st 2013

Welcome to Peru! Immediately once we crossed the border there's a really obvious change in scenery, it went from green to dry brown sandy landscapes. Crazy how quickly it's changed. Had desert on one side and the ocean on the other. Spent three days in Mancora a small town a few hours south of the border, relaxing on the beach and by the pool and indulging in the lovely food and dangerously good rum and vodka slushies. Played some beer pong with rum and coke, pool, darts, table tennis and lots of dancing of course. Fun times at Loki hostel Mancora! Mov... read more
Lago Churrup 4450masl
Beautiful Lago Churrup

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito October 22nd 2012

After crossing the border with Chris and Sam the two English guys I'd met in Colombia we arrived in Quito the capital of Ecuador, huge city with old and new town. Stayed in the new town which was very commercialised, full of restaurants and bars and not much else! Leigh and Graham the two South Africans that we also travelled with in Colombia arrived a day later. We went to visit the centre of the world at the equator, the old one that was discovered a long time ago and the new one that has been determined by GPS...only 200m in the difference, not bad! Got to do weird experiments like watch water flow down a sink, it goes opposite directions in the southern and northern hemispheres and straight down when on the equator line, weird. ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape September 21st 2012

Cartagena, Colombia Ok I've given up on the idea of catching up with my blog since we were in Honduras so I'm skipping ahead to Colombia... Cartagena, a beautiful city on Colombia's Caribbean coast. Possibly the most picturesque city I've ever been to.After a somewhat blubbery farewell with John in Panama city I arrived here on a Saturday afternoon. Stayed in Hostel Mamallena. Wandered around that evening. Managed to find myself a Spanish school in the old city called centro catalina and started that Monday on an intensive beginners course. There were just four students including me! Very small school! Excellent though, glad I took the chance on them. They also organised a home stay for me so I moved to that house on Monday night. That week was the most holy awkward time I've ever ... read more
Mud Volcano!
Janine, Marc & Gia, Centro Catalina Spanish school!

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Copán Ruinas September 19th 2012

Went to Copan in Honduras, near the Copan Ruins...spent two nights here in a lovelhostel called via via. Cute town. This is where I eearthquake my first earthquake! About 4am everything starts to shake, John slept through it! 4.5 on the Richter scale, the source of it was about 25km from us..very strange feeling. On to Santa Rosa de copan via 3 interesting bus journeys, crammed in with the locals and the odd chicken. not much to do here and we were staying in a dingy hotel room more like a jail cell! So we decided to high tail it across the nearest border to El Salvador...... read more

Flores, Guatemala Second border crossing under our belts we arrived in the small lake town of Flores. A small island on a huge lake in northern Guatemala. Every backpackers nightmare, our reservation at Los Amigos didn't exist! Thankfully they squeezed us in, and I mean squeezed, three beds between five people for the first night in a sweltering hot room with no working fans.. Met two lovely Guatemalan girls who had had the same trouble and ended up all going for dinner together. They were both from Guatemala city, really lovely and spoke great english thank god! After no sleep that night we were ins bus to Tikal at 4am the next morning. Tikal is north of Flores and is a huge site of Mayan ruins In the jungle, I think the most impressive of the ... read more

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