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28th April 2013

Amazing photos dad. The Sherpas seem to be very doting. I thought yetis were a myth?! Could you see the eyes and mouth on the yeti skull or just the scalp area? Doz
4th April 2013

We were discussing in the office yesterday what you had taken with you to type all your blog entries on - Denny said phone, I thought tablet, can't believe you are scamming laptops from the locals (well - maybe I can!)
3rd April 2013

enjoying the blog, have fun :-)
2nd April 2013

Hi Dad!
Sounds like you've already managed to pack a lot in before you even got to Kathmandu! It's cool you were allowed out to see Abu Dhabi on your stopover. Even better that you met a Brummie! Hope landing at Lukla wasn't too nerve-wracking!! Dorothy
From Blog: In Kathmandu
2nd April 2013

Great heights !
Hi Mike I feel dizzy just thinking of walking so high. At least you haven't had to walk up from sea level. It sounds fascinating and what wonderful views. My friend's daughter did a similar trip a couple of years ago. Hope it all goes well and your new jackets are keeping you warm. I wonder what the overnight temperatures are? Will you be camping at all on the trip? Have a great time Sue
From Blog: Namche Bazaar
2nd August 2012

You seem to keep getting hotels with amazing views! I like the fact freedom fighters are allowed to queue jump with the tourists! lol
From Blog: Delhi and Agra
30th July 2012

Interesting blogs
Hi Mike As usual your travel blogs are full of information about the places you visit and make very interesting reading. I'll look forward to reading more as your travels progress. Are you going to Poona by any chance? My father was in hospital there during the war and my sister visited a long time ago when on a Guiding Jamboree in India. Hope the rest of your trip to Inida goes well. I've had a week in Greece, back to work for a week, and returned from a lovely week in Devon with the family today. Best wishes Sue
From Blog: Amritsar
30th July 2012

Good blog!
Hi Dad! The border crossing ceremony sounds like quite a spectacle! Did you bathe in the nectar? And is i really nectar or just water? :-)
From Blog: Amritsar
10th August 2011

Cycle ride
Glad you are keeping that fitness up whilst you are away Mike!!!
27th July 2011

Great reading
Mike, great reading about your trip. Glad that you're having a nice time
From Blog: Sight-seeing
23rd July 2011

Hi from Dudley
A good blog, keep it coming. We shall be following your progress. Have fun
From Blog: First week
20th July 2011

Hi Dad!
Lovely to see a blog post from you this morning when I checked my emails! Sounds like an interesting place. I love the fact you've taken over the Monks' class! From the photos it looks quite sedate compared to Accra. Looking forward to see more!xx
18th January 2011

Thanks, I enjoyed reading this and seeing the photos, altho' I thought your blog ended rather abruptly....was looking for a final entry where you said farewell and shared your overall impressions of the trip. Gives me some ideas for my next visit. I lived in Ghana for four years as an expat youngster and visited briefly in the late 80's and early 90's.
From Blog: Two Day Trips
13th August 2010

Wish I was still there!
Hi dad, enjoyed reading your blog! Shame about the water flow at Boti Falls, wonder why it was so small? Unfortunate you had to stay a night in Yeji - is that the place the guide book said try not to stay at? lol. The restaurant you went to at Atimpoku sounds like Aylo's Bay Resort where I went too, very nice :-)
11th August 2010

Good pictures
Hi Mike Sorry not been in touch - just come back from Greece. My holiday, although very enjoyable, seems tame in comparison with your travels. Received your card - thanks. I find reading your blogs very interesting - I think I've said it before but you'd make a good travel writer! Hope the rest of your trip goes well. I presume you're coming home within the next couple of weeks. Sue
4th August 2010

Nice Trip
Sounds like a good trip, although a little scary in parts. Glad that it is all going well
25th July 2010

thank you for posting this. I am going to fly off to ghana tomorrow and very much enjoyed reaading your experiences so far, since they are very much up to date - especially thank you for describing the times, because I also would like to do a day trip to Elmina. hope to read from you again soon!
20th July 2010

Can't believe you were sitting on that beach whilst we were having a Taskforce meeting! Not that I am jealous or anything....
From Blog: Shoes Delivered
19th July 2010

Probably all those shoes that made your bags take ages to come through! Have a great time Mike - see you in September - don't forget to bring some more uplifiting music back with you!
From Blog: Arrived
15th July 2010

I do wish you and your group the best. May God's blessings descend on you all. vincent
From Blog: Shoes and Visas
11th July 2010

I think last time we were in touch you hadn't decided whether or not to go. Look forward to reading your blogs. Don't think mine from mainland Greece and The Lakes will be quite as exciting as yours ! Sue
13th November 2009

Nice photos
Some of those cows have got big horns!
From Blog: Photo Gallery
14th August 2009

Hi Dad
That was a last nice blog to read, and I like the story about the trinket seller lady. Its such a hard life and unpredictable income doing jobs like that. She was probably really happy that you bought that necklace, even if you didn't really want it. It seems most people here have those kinds of jobs, and walking around all day trying to sell food and household goods etc. Definitely makes me appreciate life at home and how easy we actually have it! Coming home will feel like absolute luxury. See you soon!xx
14th August 2009

Well Done Mike, I hope that your flight home was ok and you have settled back into life in Halesowen! Your account of your time is very interesting and I'm sure that if someone who is going to Nepal found it they would find all of the information, hints and descriptions very useful and inspiring. See you in Sept for some more tales I hope.
11th August 2009

Suggestions for Pokhara?
Your descriptions and pictures are wonderful. Weather permitting, I'm hoping to be in Pokhara for 5 days in mid-September. Any ideas/ recommendations of things to do?
From Blog: Trekking!

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