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17th August 2009

love the pics and stories!
Hey was great meeting you and hope you have a fantastic trip bro! thanx for the good times! pura vida mae
16th August 2009

Family Jewels
I hear that those monkeys can be trained to steal - by the looks of those photos they may have been after your family jewels! Oh, sure - you can tell everyone they were after your rubber ducky... Happy Travels!
23rd December 2006

I am dreaming about the great adventure you guys had. It is without a doubt a great challenge, and a fond memory. Congratulations.
12th December 2006

Well done for completing the blog
23rd November 2006

Most Dangerous Road ....
Hey good account! good to hear it from some body elses perspective - still cant believe I willingly did it - but I still think Running of the Bulls in pamplona this year was slightly more stupid think I have done!! you can see my version of the dreaded Most Dangerous road below! La Paz onwards to surviving "The most dangerous road in the world!!"
20th September 2006

Sexy Arse!
Just out of interest, which poor sod did you persuade to take the foto??!! PS, Alix is disgusted at the thought of you two being and seeing each other naked!
17th September 2006

Hey guys, hope you're enjoying your last week of backpacking (not tourism, obviously). Missing you loads here in Exeter, freshers' week will be amazing! Will be good to see you and catch up. Those photos are really cool and the Inca trail sounds pretty good. I still can't believe how much you've done out there! See you soon Xxxx
12th September 2006

Well we have been home now for a month and I was just thinking about how others adventures are going, as it seems like I have never even been away. Glad to see you boys are still having a ball, keep up the good work. Enjoy the rest of your travels. Katie x
7th September 2006

hay Ian jus been reading your blog and I can believe what you have done it sounds amazing! obviously better than peru tho we did have some good fun lol! look forward to seeing you when you get back. emily xx
2nd September 2006

London Buses
Chaps, Your blog is like a London bus – nothing for ages then 3 come along together! Glad to see you’re still in the journal business; keep up the good work. Back to reality and Exeter soon. All the best, David’s Dad
31st August 2006

Were all those women willingly accompanying you in back of the truck or did you take hostages?! That's quite a spectucular pool.
30th August 2006

Wow, well done guys, what an achievement. Must have been beautiful up there.
22nd August 2006

Bally-ho chaps!
Great job, well done. Great photos and a good blog too!
19th August 2006

An everlasting memory
Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa is only 19335ft, lower than Huayna Potosi (19974ft). About 10 peaple die of altitude related problems each year attempting the walk up. Well done! David's Dad
17th August 2006

I hope you get better soon Ian!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
15th August 2006

Another good blog! If I was you, I'd have purchased the 94% alcohol for a quick game of ring of fire.... with a mixer... maybe umm.. llama juice or something. .I'm sure it'd work well! Anyways talk of alcohol... being the self confessed pisshead I am.. off to le bar avec mes amis have fun!
14th August 2006

Thanks for all the blogs - fantastic -what will you do for an encore - see you soon David. S.W.M.B.O has successfully had the operation and will be in the next zimmer frame race at Ascot. Cheers Bob
13th August 2006

Hey guys, just thought i would say hi, sorry i haven't been in touch sooner, and really sorry ive only had time to look at the pictures its so odd to see you in so many places where i have been too!! i promise to read the whole blog though once home in 4 weeks. greece is fantastic but just no time to spare, its all non stop. so glad to hear you are both having such an amazing time, can't wait to hear all about it properly. till then though, take care and look forward to hearing from you soon. love me xx
10th August 2006

The beard?
Whoa Dave, what's happened to the beard? I thought it looked really cool especially in the photo of you and the shaggy dog in the Mendoza blog. Congratulations on getting up the mountain, looking forward to reading all about it in your next blog. Baby alpacas all round then for Xmas huh?
10th August 2006

I was ill, and had lot of time to write. If you thought it was random, should have seen the stuff that was edited out...
9th August 2006

a rather long blog guys
sounds like u guys are having fun, but dave, a long random bit about a boook, i gave up, then a convo with a israeli... well done for managing the mountain! enjoy urselves
9th August 2006

so do you just export textiles? Even though I don't know you, I could hook you up with a supplier of peanut-products who's based in Tarija - I know he's looking into exporting his products. you can find my profile on the Blogger list if interested.
8th August 2006

Work hard and play harder... our Gran would say! Looks like you are having a great time. I'm guessing the currency is much in your favour with exchange rates, if so it sounds like you are living the impoverished existence none-the-less! Some great photos too - tempted to pack my camera gear and join you! Although you can't see the girls in the geyser photo it has a wonderful mood to it. How do you add the trip maps? Can I do the same thing for my stormchasing on my website? Take care and hope you make it home whole!
7th August 2006

Hope you kept the grammar book
You might very well find the book of some use. Very pleased to be one of the venture capitalists supporting your current commercial operations. Look forward to getting my reward somewhat earlier than in heaven! David's Dad

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