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5th May 2013

Just caught up with your blogs..
You should start them up again:) I like them!
22nd November 2012

in response to the hippie comment
what you wrote about hippies is your view point, and im sure you are entitled to express it, especially on your blog. and maybe the use of such kiddish comments like pricks wasn't called for. but as you only said that many of them are just wannabes dressed in shitty clothes so maybe your idea of the hippies is very offensive to someone who really knows what hippie culture is about. i personally do not agree with your view point, all i'm saying is that maybe instead of being so narrow minded about it you should understand what you are talking about better before you make such judgement! enjoy your trip.
5th December 2012

Thanks for your comment. I take your point that some of what I wrote was perhaps a little childish and ill informed. My rant against the 'Hampi hippies' was written tongue and cheek and not intended to offend, although I can see why some may take offence to it. I must say I do have an enormous amount of respect for the original pioneering hippies who traveled the Silk Road and beyond. While some of their views were very self indulgent and naive I respect their optimism, bravery and spirit of adventure. My problem is with modern day travelers who align themselves with these early pioneers but in reality share very little common. However in shunning what I view to be modern day faux hippies I probably do miss out on meeting genuine hippies which is a shame. My original usage of the word hippy perhaps came across as rather derogatory, I regret this as it is not hippies I have a problem with, rather those pretending to be them. On recent reflection I've also come to relax my view on the faux hippies. Many of them are fairly young and probably still looking for direction in life and trying to find out more about themselves through travel. While I may think they look a little silly, it's perfectly understandable why they do what they do. I've certainly go through periods of self exploration earlier on in my life which I would rather forget, let's just say there were big silver chains and Burberry caps. Point taken about learning more about a culture/view point before I poo poo it, I don't want to end up sounding like the right wing nuts whose ignorance and arrogance I despise. Thanks once again for your comment, I always enjoy a good debate to broaden the mind!
1st November 2012

best places to vacation with kids
Fantastic blog this is.
17th October 2012

Sparky's Shutters
The Spark's chef - Thom Petty, late in December, lost his battle to cancer. Then, there were ownership issues. Just saw a Facebook post by one of my friends who says it is to open soon again.
5th December 2012

Sorry to hear about the owner of Sparks, that's sad news.
25th May 2012

homestay, bed n breakfast
nice pics and nice information
21st April 2012

So you had 7% of the entire batch of momos that were suppose to feed 25 people! So that's why the kitchen staff didn't have enough for themselves hmmm... :p
16th April 2012

I love reading about meeee:) You're so funny! That totally made me laugh:) Btw, maybe you already knew this, but I just found out that the GPS wasn't stolen afterall and was in the truck the entire time lol
16th April 2012

"I was glad to feel slightly out of breath ".....slightly?? You weren't out of breath at all!! I was nearly dropping dead on the road and you were like the freaking energizer bunny!!
From Blog: Darjeeling
4th April 2012

Awww, this blog was really sweet:) I'm glad a surprised you guys and came back for another month... I had the most amazing time with you! My 2nd goodbye to you was definitely way harder:( I hope we meet again!
4th April 2012

You make me laugh:)
I seemed to have missed reading this particular blog! The paragraph about your awful dinner made me laugh soooo hard! hahaha! I love your description of the event...I wish Orna could read it in her "blog" voice! Anyways, I was really proud of you that night when you stood up to that waiter:) And I love that I was mentioned in your blog! Miss ya xx
20th March 2012

More about Kerala
To know more about Kerala . . About Kerala(1998) To know more about communism and politics in Kerala. More about 'Kerala model' of Development I am a Keralite.I hope you liked Kerala. Thanks for visiting Kerala .. Happy Journey!
22nd March 2012

Thanks so much for the information and thanks for reading my blog. Had a fantastic time in Kerala it is a beautiful and very peaceful state, I'm sure I will be back again in the near future!
14th March 2012

Au Revoir
I really enjoy reading your Blogs Mark. The personal accounts like the haircut and shave and the look and smell and taste of places is so vivid because you are in the time and detail. When you have made close friendships and it is time for a sad parting, remember what the Froggies say . "au revoir " not goodbye ,and I think they have it right. Friendships , based upon shared experiences ,survive the parting and the passage of time ,and who knows when you may meet again.
12th March 2012

GREAT BLOG MARK. i UNDERSTAND WHY YOU GAVE vENKATOSHWANNA A MISS, THE TIGHT CORRIDORS SOUND Aaluables with WFUL. As for the attempted robbery hope you keepyour vou when you sleep.!!!!
3rd March 2012

Kanyakumari and hot showers!
Kanyakumari is trueley as exciting as you describe it! However you failed to mention the incredible amount of plastic chintz for sale along the sea front, the worst toilets in India and the strongest stench of fish or that's how i remember it and of course the obligatory beggers and scammers! But as always with India: with the fondest of memories and a smile on my face. Sounds like you have fallen for Mother India's seductive charm, it's hard not to! Loving the blog Mark. Oh BTW are you missing REAL cheese as well as hot showers? How we take things for granted in the west eh? Namaste Ji xxx
5th March 2012

Haha thanks for the feedback Vicki! Your right about plastic chintz, I've never seen so much terrible, pointless crap in my life. People were trying to sell me and my other males companions really crap fake plastic pearl necklaces, sadly I didn't have the money to buy otherwise I would have got a lifetime supply! The fish stench was truly awful as were the doorless toilets, I guess you get to a point (as I'm sure you will remember) where things that would seem hideous in normal life become quite average and mundane, a cow sleeping in the middle of a dual carriageway seems normal as does a man taking a shit in the street! Your right though, as much as I moan I do really love crazy India, it's hard not to, there's no where else on earth quite like it and there are no other population of people quite like the Indians. The head bobble is both frustrating and fantastic at the same time for example. Glad you are enjoying the blog, just arrived into Darjeeling today and experienced a 35 degree temperature drop, was a bit of a shock to the system. Regarding the cheese yes I miss it very, very much alongside bacon, sausage and beef! Hope you continue enjoying reading, namaste ji xxx
3rd March 2012

Glad you are still enjoyin yourself and even more happy to hear that you have experienced your first epifany!! I hope this is one of many ;) And ........ I think you should trade in fairy lights........ they are a necessity of life!
3rd March 2012

Haha, I'm not all cynic Mrs Howarth-Archer! Fairy lights sounds interesting, I'll look into it upon my return!
23rd February 2012

there is more than more than two of us reading your blog111111 carry on

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