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7th January 2014

Road Trippin'
Good to see American sites and step back into time in Amish Country. It gives one a new perspective. You'll have to go back when you can see a basketball game
5th January 2014

good shit
mark maybe one day we can interlock arms and comb each others beard, i hope this does happen xx oo
5th January 2014

Hi, Well you now look more like what I remember when first meeting you. Hope all is going well not that you are back home and settled. Take care, David
21st May 2013
Great picture! Is it possible to swim it those lakes...or are they to hot?
7th June 2013

Hi and thanks for the comment - unfortunately you cannot swim in there as they are hot springs, magical to look at all the same
2nd March 2013
Over Water Bungalow

That shot is unbelievable! Great job guys!
12th February 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai
Hi Guys, Wishing you a happy and safe new year. Greetings from Melaka. Am enjoying your travels and the pictures. Travel safe. Regards, David
11th February 2013

Time in Fort Collins
We enjoyed your trip so much. Made me realize how much I miss your Aunty and Uncle! Loved your pictures, I'm glad you enjoyed Colorado! If you ever visit again you are more than welcome to stay with us, you have an open invitation. Take care.
11th February 2013

The Rocky's are amazing
We never tire of looking at them. Looks like you enjoyed sampling the fine local brew.
22nd January 2013

Hi Guys, Just to let you know we are enjoying your travels. You will have seen more of my country than I ever have. When do you head back for the wedding. Take care and be safe. Regards, David
7th February 2013

Hi guys, thanks. We had a ball in the US, still so much more to publish. We are back in Australia now about to start work again after a year off. Hope all is well with you both.
17th January 2013

Stunning photos!
Is the bear in the next blog?
18th January 2013

Hi Ali, Thanks for checking out the blog! Haha, no such bear, but would have made for an interesting story wouldn't it?
17th January 2013

Cool! I remember Yellowstone from all my family travels as a kid. Just wanted to say you took some awesome photos!
18th January 2013

Hi Andrea, What an amazing place to go for your family travels. Would have loved to spend some more time there. A stunning location. Thanks for your comment!
17th January 2013

You have some great photos -- wild colors!
18th January 2013

Hi Michelle, This place is unreal! The colours of the springs were unbelievable. Thank you!
13th January 2013

Amazing shots, inspirational hopefully I can pick up some tips in order replicate some of my own.
13th January 2013

Some souvenirs
You have a pretty net collection of souvenir shots here. Been there, but would love to go back and spend more time viewing sunsets.
15th January 2013

Amazing Spot
Hi There, Thanks so much for your time to comment! It was such an amazing spot. We would love to return in Winter one year.
7th October 2012

LA LA Land
Loved your humor in this blog, because it really takes humor to be in LA. So sorry I didn't know you were there, I wish you could have met my son that lives in Hollywood.
3rd October 2012

What no invite!!!!!
Hey guys, sooo enjoying reading these. There is so much you forget to tell me about when we talk on the phone. You obviously forgot to tell me about the getting married thing???? Where's the photo's?
27th September 2012

The great fisherman
Did you catch any squid? I bought a squid lure this week want me to get you one too.
21st September 2012
Early riser

Another Amazing Photo!!

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