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31st July 2010

what you doin
Hi muffin Love ya miss ya hope your having fun so gald you called was happy to hear your voice and you put me in a good mood all day So where are you now and where can I get your itinerarary for where you are going next. Let me know so I can keep track love ya Mom
30th July 2010

Fl├ęda Kebab - respect!
Yeaaah that Kebab shop rocks! Brno is pretty dead in summer though...
24th July 2010

A bed with a skylite; sounds delightful..
From Blog: Time to Czech In
23rd July 2010

Just because you play soccer in school does not mean all Canadians love and watch it.
23rd July 2010

No interest!
You had no interest in the biggest soccer game in 4 years!?
22nd July 2010

these places you're going to sound so different, and interesting it's so fortunate that you did all that research before you went as these towns that are so nice are small and so easy to miss or pass up in your travels
22nd July 2010

If you can get at it, you can paint my skull..
18th July 2010

If there is a kitchen I do buy food and cook. There is always a resturant or market store open because I always get into the towns-cities early in the day.
17th July 2010

Do they ever have food available at the hostels; or is it just a place to crash? What happens if you can't find food; do you carry some in your bag just in case?
17th July 2010

Haha.. We should install the trick water fountains at our place for our guests.. (Especially for when Bryan came over because that guy never left)..
17th July 2010

I'm super jealous that you got to go to the Swarovski crystal museum!!! I love their stuff, did you take pictures? Crystal is so amazing.
14th July 2010

hey lorriann those beers you tried at the brewery I bet you had to write the names off the bottle when you were there, and my goodness how do you pronounce them
14th July 2010

Sardine can..
Did you hear anyone fart in their sleep?
14th July 2010

wait until you see the pictures wahaha
14th July 2010

Dood.. Every time I read your entries involving food I get super hungry..
14th July 2010

Up up and away..
I hope you get a chance to go paragliding..
14th July 2010

How fancy was your ice cream?
14th July 2010

No name..
So, were you "The Canadian?"
14th July 2010

Goth disco? Does that mean there's Pop mosh? Or how about Folk circle pit?
14th July 2010

Glockenspiel.. Sweet..
From Blog: Happy Canada Day
5th July 2010

I went to a castle ruin and joking that it was my castle and it was bombed when I was away teehee
5th July 2010

Was the iguana big enough to ride? (Yes, it's a figure of speech for those who think I'm being serious..) What do you mean your castle was bombed?
5th July 2010

France eh.. Was it as terrible as you thought it would be? You should buy a french novel.. "Snicker snicker"..

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