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18th April 2018

bringing back memories
I was searching for photos of yak trains and saw your EBC photo, which looks almost exactly like mine (I was also at EBC in early November 2012)! Thank you for writing down details from your trip, it brought back so many memories that I neglected to write down.
18th April 2018

Thank you! I always enjoy read blogs of other people who've gone to the same place as I forget stuff too. Nothing like happy memories to inspire another trip! :)
21st July 2017

Great experience!
It's really a great experience. thank you for sharing it to every one.
2nd May 2011

Have a great trip
Thanks, I hope you have a great trip! Just wanted to let you know that Kathmandu seemed very safe to me, very little hassle (apart from street vendors) and walked around a few nights alone and felt very safe in Thamel right up to Lazimpat. Have fun! x
2nd May 2011

On my way there!
Hi, your photos look amazing! I was really hesitant on booking my trip to Kathmandu but after reading your blog I am really excited. Hope you have fun with the rest of your travels!
17th July 2010

Very impressed!
Wow, this is fantastic! Obviously a lot of hard work but some beautiful views! It sounds like a good idea to start off early. I remember going downhill in a Cretan gorge for 6 hours, certainly harder work than you'd think! Glad the curry softened the blow! ;) xxx
27th June 2010

Hi Ashish, thank you very much for the clarification, I think whilst we were there, we were taught only about the monks, I had not appreciated the differences for Jain layman. It is certainly a fascinating religion and as I say, the temple was one of the beautiful places I have seen.
20th June 2010

Hi landontravellor, Its great you are enjoing your trip in India. I just wanted to clarify about your note here about Jains. Jain monks do not use anything that can harm any living being (ofcourse as much as possible). They travel by foot, eat very little and restrictive food, have no house or any possessions and spend most of their time in study/medition. However, Jain laymans are not as strict even though vegeterianism is very basic requirement. There are progressive stages for layman as he/she advances in his/her conduct and vows. Just wanted to clarify that there is distinction between Jain monk and Jain layman. Jain religion does not believe in creator God and belive that all life forms are equal and have potential to become God.
18th June 2010

I LOVED your Pushkar photos and post! I have actually been thinking of featuring the city as a "destination of the week" on my community blog, if there's anything you'd like to contribute. We're always looking for travel photos, reviews (like maybe of that lakeside restaurant?!), etc. If you have the time, check it out at, or email us at Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
17th June 2010

very beautifyl Delhi
all these pics are very nice , really red fort is Delhi's heart, last 4 pictures shoes the Delhi's traffic that is realty. Regards gaurav
17th June 2010

Jaipur - pink city
really, after reading this now i am remembering my trip ti jaipur that was excellent in most of my trips.i enjoyed a lot there ,i like the hawa mahal and jaipur fort most.i am very thankful to , for providing indian travel info.

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