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Linsey Sexton


Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Zadar June 14th 2013

On the fourteenth I will be catching a bus back to Zadar and getting ready for my flight back to Denver, the morning of the fithteenth.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split June 13th 2013

Diocletian's Palace is located in Split. The palace was built by the Roman emperor, Diocletian, and was his retirement home. In the 7th century, nearby residents reinhabited the palace, building their homes and businesses within it. Today there are still many of the restaurants and shops left still intact and running. Here I will learn about the early culture of Croatia, along with eating some delicious food.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Hvar June 12th 2013

Hvar is full of olive groves, fruit orchards, and lavender fields. it is also home to a natural picturesque bay, that is a very popular stop for yachts. I will be there when the lavender is blooming and get to see the vast fields of pink and purple flowers. Hvar is one of the top ten most beautiful islands in the world. Along with admiring its beauty, I will aslo learn about the business of lavender, and how it supports the island, along with tourism.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula June 11th 2013

Korcula is the sixth largest Croatian island and barely seperated from the mainland. This ancient city is also known for its architecture. One of the tourist attractions is the alleged house of birth of Marco Polo, which is now a museum of Marco Polo. Also, Korcula is the only place that the sword dance, Moreska, is still performed. It is a world famous folk drama that used to be performed all over the medditeranean.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Mljet June 10th 2013

Mljet is another island off the coast of southern Croatia. This island is covered with forests with a few fields and vineyards scattered throughout. Mljet is known for its underwater sea life and its wine and cheese. While here, I will learn about how the vineyard business is essential to this island. I will also snorkel alog the coast to see the sea life.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Lopud June 9th 2013

Lopud Island has many sandy beaches and shallow waters. Historically there was a shipyard that housed 80 ships, that were apart of the Dubrovnik Republic's Navy. While I am there, I will enjoy the sandy beaches and play picigen, which is a form of volleyball, played in the shallow waters. I will also visit the hotel that holds painting, sculpture and photo exhibits, learning about art in Croatia.... read more
Lopud Island

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik June 8th 2013

Dubrovnik is one of the most poplular tourist attractions in the medditeranean. The city is enclosed by a wall that goes around the rocky coast. The city is known for it's beautiful architecture and sculpural detail. In the middle ages, it was the state to rival Venice. Here, I will learn about the architecture of the city and the importance it has to croatia as a prominent tourist attraction.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik June 7th 2013

I will travel to Lokrum Island by boet. There I will enjoy the beauty of the island and the serenity of the small, quiet island. I will visit the botanical gardens, showcasing all of croatia's native flowers and plants. Lokrum Island also has a history of being the "island of kings." Around 1000 AD, Richard the Lion-heart shipwreked there and built a monastery and an abbey.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia June 6th 2013

I will be taking a day to travel to the southern part of croatia by boat.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula June 5th 2013

The Pula Arena in Pula, is a surving roman arena. It is the sixth largest and one of the best preserved. It was built around 1st century AD. It has two levels and 72 arches, with the four side towers still intact. Making it the only one of its kind still standing. During the summer months, it is used for festivals and concerts.... read more

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