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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris February 7th 2010

Paris was somewhere we had not yet managed to get to since living in London but is only a short hop across the English Channel by train. Both of us have been to Paris before but almost a decade had passed and Al's previous visit had left him thinking the 'City of Love' was completely over-rated. This weekend would give us the chance to see if we could change his mind and spend a relaxing weekend with good friends from home. Two of our friends, Brendan and Toinette, have recently moved there, and live in a lovely flat near Sacre Couer and Moulin Rouge surrounded by quaint streets full of bars, cafes, restaurants, as well as patisseries and cheese and chocolate shops all filling the streets with delicious aromas. Our arrival, as usual, was early. We ... read more
The Louvre
Dessert with a smile
Moulin Rouge

Africa » Morocco January 10th 2010

Marrakech - Zagora - Essaouira - Fes - Agadir - Marrakech Morocco has always conjured up certain images for us; images of snake charmers, crowded markets, camels and losing ourselves in hidden alleyways. We had been wanting to see whether Morocco would live up to these expectations for some time now and with Marrakech only 3 1/2 hours by plane from London it is an easy winter escape. Morocco was previously part of our round-the-world ticket but British Airways stopped flying there before we had a chance to make it and we ended up cashing it in for a weekend in Rome instead. This time there was nothing stopping us. We booked our tickets 6 months earlier, arranged the time off work and started planning a brief backpacking stint through some Moroccan highlights. Our easyjet flights ... read more
Seagull, Essaouira
Courtyard in riad

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales November 10th 2009

It was almost two years to the day that we had first departed from Australia and it has been an epic two years: 26 countries, countless friends and memories made along the way and a growing thirst for travel. The purpose of our 3 week trip home was to continue with what has been a recurring theme this year: a wedding! Al's brother, Dave and his now-wife Em were getting married by the harbour in Sydney, and it turned out to be pretty good timing for us as it was also time for Al to renew his UK working visa. We had both been looking forward to this trip as we had not had any extended period of time off work since we started and three weeks in the Australian sun before the British winter would ... read more
Bombo Beach

Europe » United Kingdom » England October 4th 2009

With our upcoming trip home later this month we have spent a long time discussing our future...and we're not talking about marriage and babies. What we mean is - where should we live? Where should we travel? Should we move home, save money and then go travelling again? Should we stick it out and travel when we get the opportunities? Should we 'grow-up' and stop these travelling shenanigans, buy a house and live proper lives? These questions have been going around and around in circles as we come up with endless possibilities involving living in different locations, working all kinds of jobs and travelling to all kinds of places. In some ways we haven't been in London long enough as we haven't travelled to half the places we want to. However the credit crunch is keeping ... read more
Brixton Water Lane

Europe » Italy » Campania » Amalfi September 6th 2009

Avid blog readers may recall that in a previous blog we met a couple on a boat in Belize and happened to be staying in the same hotel with them on the beach in Caye Caulker, We met a really lovely Australian/South African couple who told us we should go cenote diving in Mexico.... After having spent the day snorkelling with them and an afternoon chatting we headed out to dinner with Alex, as Bekkie was exhausted and couldn't keep her eyes open. We went to a great little place called Wish Willie's made famous (or infamous) in the book The Full Montezuma by Peter Moore. We sat outside while the guy that ran the bar cooked our US$5 meals, which were really great, Lara even got to have $5 lobster! The next day we went ... read more
Pink flowers, blue sea
Isle of Capri

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 11th 2009

The flat was clean, the linen was all washed and ready for the onslaught of Lara's family. As Australians in London it is almost a requirement to have family and friends staying on a permanent basis and we have been letting down the stereotype for the last few months. So Al headed to Tesco and bought out their supply of inflatable mattresses, thinking; if nothing else the house would be safer should anyone fall over. The first to arrive were Lara's Mum and Grandma; and after the compulsory tears at Heathrow and the rather amusing tube ride (it took them a little while to sort out how to get back out again) we were in for some serious sightseeing. It is true that once you feel comfortable somewhere you stop seeing the sights and it just ... read more
Mallard, Kew Gardens
Looking back towards Buckingham Palace
Hats on display

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Shropshire June 21st 2009

We were exhausted, we had had a huge week: arrived back from Grenoble on Monday, out to dinner every night but come Friday off we went again. We picked up our hire car from Victoria, made a few wrong turns while we got the GPS up and running but eventually found our way to Church Stretton in Shropshire. We put our things in our amazingly quiet B&B (well, compared to Brixton anyway) and headed to Little Stretton to have dinner with Lara's Aunt Jill ahead of the wedding the following day. Jill had come over from the US to attend Rhian and Alex's wedding, and it was the third time that we had managed to see her on our trip. Our first was a stay with Jill and Mary-Ann in Maryland, USA on our way to ... read more
The Long Mynd
Flowers in Picklescott

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Grenoble June 15th 2009

The two of us don't really need much of an excuse for a weekend away, so when Matt and Janelle, our friends from Australia moved to Grenoble in the French Alps how could we resist? We took a day off work, and one of those horrible early morning flights and off we went for a long weekend. We flew into Lyon and took the bus to Grenoble where we were joined by JB another friend from uni who had travelled down by train from Switzerland. We marvelled at the fact that the five of us (four of us had gone to the same college) were now having a reunion in the French Alps and were all living in Europe. But then, it seems to be an Australian trait and it probably won't be the last time ... read more
Grenoble from the Bastille

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Dover May 30th 2009

We've been trying to get out of London when we can, so when the weather report said we were going to have a sunny weekend we thought we would take a day-trip out to Dover and walk along the White Cliffs. Most people don't actually take a trip to Dover they pass through the ferry terminal and get a glimpse of the white cliffs in passing. But we thought they would be worth a look as a beautiful sight and an important symbol for war-time Britain. The cliffs were impressive and we enjoyed the walk, however it would have been a much better view from out at sea. It was quite a long day in the sun and embarrassingly enough we got sunburnt, yes you heard correctly, Australians got burnt in the UK which was quite ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia May 4th 2009

Booking cheap flights that leave ridiculously early in the morning can seem appealing, but when you're alarm goes off at 2am and you then have to take a bus and train to the airport you start to wonder whether it could possibly be worth it - and thankfully it was! Our weekend on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia definitely left us wanting more. We arrived in Split, Croatia's second largest city at 10am and after checking ferry timetables to Hvar Island spent the morning sitting on the Riva in the sunshine people-watching. After an early lunch and a quick look at Diocletian's Palace we boarded a ferry to Hvar. Neither of us remember much of the ferry ride as we were having serious trouble staying awake after our 2am wakeup but thankfully we were met at ... read more
Lamp and stonework
Croatian man
Diocletian's Palace, Split

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