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Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala December 7th 2012

hello again :) ok firstly i just wanna say - OH MY GOD INTERNET IS SOOOOO SLOW OUT HERE!!!! it is sad :( so yesterday we got our bags back - yey!!! it was proper Ugandan service, we got to the airport, they told us to 'take a seat for just a minute', and almost two hours later someone came to help us! bloody annoying (especially because when we finally got a pass to go 'backstage' into the luggage area we saw our bags in about 2 minutes flat) and even more especially because my bag had clearly been in some kind of large aeroplane puddle for the last two days and was soaked!!! but all is well now and we smell particularly peachy :) so we decided to leave the luscious, lazy, jungle style town ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Namutumba December 5th 2012

Entebbe is so beautiful - we love it here and we only arrived very early hours yesterday!! we were only meant to be in Entebbe (where the airport is) for a day, perhaps two, but as the bloody airline has left our bags behind in Istanbul we are a bit stuck!!! we dont actually mind, tis the beauty of travelling for a long time, you dont really have a deadline (unless you have a trip scheduled) so we are happy to stay here - luckily the hostel had room for us for an extra couple of nights!! we are hopefully (the airlines word) able to collect our stuff tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for us! right now we have very bad breath and really smelly pits so its a bit gross, but we happend upon ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Bournemouth November 27th 2012

Well hello!!! i thought i would make a quick entry before we leave, just in case anyone i have been beating this blog website about the head with felt like taking a look, and then saw that it was simply an empty page!!! Trust me, it will grow and start to look a lot better as we move about - well here's hoping anyway! i hope to make my first proper entry in just over a week's time, when we've been in Kampala (Uganda) for a day or two. But for now - here i am - in a scarf, gloves, earmuffs and socks tucked into my sweats - sat in my empty flat whilst maff is getting a mop cut. its bloody freezing in here cos we are reluctant to put too much money on ... read more

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