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8th April 2013

Hey, So great to finally see some blog action. Set myself up to recieve the notifications and then didn't get any. Had to look in my junk folder for a mail I was expecting from a contact not yet in my address book and saw you had blogged. So all the notifications had been going there - DOH! Such an idiot for not thinking to check sooner. Anyways sounds like you are having an amazing time and making a real difference. Can't wait to see you both and your amazing photo's up close and personal - the little images on facebook look pretty amazing but I'm sure don't do them justice. Lots of Love Tab xxx
27th January 2013

Ok I am the worlds worst at not really paying attention but why did I get the impression you were out there working at a MONKEY orphanage?!?! Not actual humans! Clearly their CRB checks leave a lot to be desired! You be careful with those robbers and such, I don't like this 'we had to stuff everything in my pants' malarchy, you really don't want to give them an excuse to go rummaging, at least shove some down Matts too, ha! Share the love! Urgh, can we come visit? As you've probably seen on fb it's snowing and freezing and crap, I could do with some blazing sun and a tan! Tab is now constantly chatting about nonsensical things, like randomly announcing 'bean eats my stick' in the car, or 'silly mummy went bump' 2 weeks after I hit that curb, the dobber!! Missssss youuuuu! Ps the blog has FINALLY accepted my email! Ill get updates! :-) xxxxxx
27th January 2013

Ok so where... this bar?! Sounds like my kinda place, do you think my patented moves would go down well there? ;-) xx
27th January 2013

If you adopt one of the beans it could be a friend for Tabby! ;-) xx
26th January 2013

Hello Darling. Just read your latest blog, well or should I say the map!! Does that mean that you've travelled approx 1500 miles? No wonder you look so thin!! ha ha. It was great to skype you both the other day, But was a bit upsetting that you were distorted!! Looked like you both had been through a fire! But your voices were clear, most of the time, which is the main thing! Hopefully next time which I believe is Sunday should be ok. Lots of love and keep safe xxxxxxxd
12th January 2013

Ha! just read Jem's comment re " You were once Tabby's auntie"!! very funny! Yes Jem did survive, but only just! Not a good time of the year!! Ba humbug!! Received the parcel 2 days ago!! I want to open it!!!!!! But like a good person, its now in you bedroom, but Jem is staying next week and you never know she might open it!! ha ha!! love you and keep safe xxxxxx
20th December 2012

Im not sure Im going to survive Christmas without you, I think you must delay this monkey nonsense and come home immediately!! Tabby picked you out of the photo gallery in the hall and said 'whos that?' I explained that you were once her aunty who abandoned us for fun and frolics in the wilds! ;o) Glad you're having a ball Africa, still cant log in, stoopid blog, but Im logging in to check so wont miss anything hopefully! Have fun tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow xxxxxxxxx
3rd January 2013

love youuuuuu!
only just seen this comment!!! not sure how it alluded me but i loved it - Tell Tabby i was once her aunty whome she pooed on at swimming - but who also has bought cool stuff for her from AFrica!!! xxxxxxx misses and kisses xxx
14th December 2012

Fantastic update!!
It's so exciting reading your blog kimmy!! You tell a brilliant story!! keep it up!! love you lots xx Will miss you so much at christmas. Love marge xxxxxxx
20th December 2012

love u marge!
Thanks marge, its nice to write things up on here, it just makes things more clear in my memory. Xxx
3rd December 2012

What is...
...a mop cut? ;o) x
From Blog: Not long now!!
2nd December 2012

Hope you have the best time ever Kim enjoy it for as long as you can all our love Lucy, Steve, Connor and Logan
From Blog: Not long now!!
1st December 2012

good luck
Good luck to you both, safe travels and I am looking forwad to reading regular updates...Matt i have some REBS if you want!!!!
From Blog: Not long now!!
27th November 2012

Hope your trip is the greatest ever. Got your Christmas Card. Thanks & love you guys. Barrie Colts are in 1st Place. Keep the cards & letters coming. Group hug! Be safe & keep in touch.
From Blog: Not long now!!

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