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27th January 2013

What a wonderful blog and adventure you all had! Thank you for sharing this , it is very special indeed. Xo
19th January 2013

Hi! Great to read your story about what has been happening since you arrived in Africa. Wow! sounds like lots of fun, different experiences and life time memories!! We are doing okay. Enjoying being home for the weekend. Safe travelling back to Australia. Keep smiling. Lots of love, Raelene and Nevillexxxxx
28th February 2012

I'm surprised that you could smile for the camera!
28th February 2012

What an amazing life experience Kimberley! One that you'll always remember fondly. Happy adventures Light and blessings Annelise
28th February 2012

Did you have any customers in the shop?
28th February 2012

Faith obviously loves the camera
3rd October 2011

We were eating sugar cane.
1st October 2011

Africa rulez!!!!!
Ahoooj Kim, I am so happy for your happiness!(And sooooo jealous that you are still there in Africa:) Your blog entries are really positive and one can feel from them how much you are enjoying your life there...I already miss Africa and Togo so much (that is why I am soo jealous:) I've been back in the Czech republic for 2 weeks now and I had to get used to our fast moving life again.In Togo everyone was laughting at my fast walking and I kept hearing: "Maja, walk the African way!" When I finally got used to their african tempo I was back in Prague where everybody is nearly running in the streets..So enjoy the \"African time\" because you will definitely miss it in our always rushing countries.. And ooohhh I miss their food too..Do they eat FUFU in Malawi? The paste is made of igname (I think it is called yam in English) and they eat it with some souce with fish, chicken or lamb and it is sooo good.. So, once again enjoy it there as much as you can, eat, pray, love:) and I hope we will be able to meet after your stay there to talk, talk and talk about our african advantures! When are you actually coming back?(Sorry, for this question, I know you don\'t want to hear about coming back)....Posílám pusu a pozdravy od mé rodiny a Akima:)
19th September 2011

Last photo
What are you eating?
29th July 2011

Loved your blog
Loved your blog and photos of your travels. I agree Sweden looks magic, especially in the Summer! I felt your heart strings pull when it was time to move on! Lots of love. Sue. xxxxxxxxx
13th July 2011

Sounds great! I am envious that you are getting to travel around the areas of WW2 history where I would love to visit! Keep safe Bye for now
18th June 2011

I'm packing my bags!
Love to be there with you. Don't know about the 3am mornings though. You look and sound really happy and enjoying life. All the best for the government job. Life in Julia's city!! Your Mum gave me the" too much clutter prize" today and so guess what? After dinner I'm working on de-cluttering upstairs! All our love in your travels. Sue and Mal. xxxxxxxx
15th June 2011

Your photos are outstanding, it shows that you are definitely enjoying yourself. Hmm one day 'us' Weir's will travel the countryside - Outside Oz Land Great blog Kimberley Wish you Well Loveya Kris XXX
14th June 2011

It sounds like you are having an awesome time. It looks sooooo warm over there (jealous)! :P I can't believe it's daylight at 3 in the morning. You have some really great photos as well!
14th October 2008

Your Journey
Wow Kimberley, why did I have to do History at school!! Love the photos & the commentary that go with them, I then visualize being there with you !! Enjoy, we're (soon) off to Jodie's wedding Kris xx
11th October 2008

Middle East, Turkey
Hi Kimberley, I think you are very brave undertaking a trip like this by yourself however having read your blog you make it sound quite easy and certainly achievable for anyone contemplating visiting these countries. I have really enjoyed your write up and photos, it just makes me want to pack up and go. Keep enjoying! Love Josie
17th June 2008

Hälsningar från Stockholm
Kimberley, Jättekul att läsa om dina eskapader och studier i Prag. Vilket otroligt långt och härligt sommarlov du får. Hör av dig när du kommer till Sverige. Må så gott och bästa hälsningar inger
6th April 2008

What an Easter!!!
Wow Kimberley! You certainly spent your Easter in a different and fantastic way. You must have loved it when you found the rainbow bear!!! Thanks for the photo with Menzel strasse, which I guess means street. Did they tell you why the Holocaust memorial is in concrete blocks? It is great reading about the places you have visited. All the best with your uni work. Thanks for sending your contact details. Pleased you made the train !!! Love from the Trimpers
5th April 2008

I knew you´d like it!!!Germany isn´t that bad,huh?Apart from the fact that you had to deal with goldfish...
27th March 2008

Snow :D
Ooh, snow :D So opposite to what the weather had been like here! (It's just gone back to cold and rainy lol). Sounds like things are going really well now! I'm glad you're having such a good time. The uni seems really helpful - that's cool having all those lessons in English. Good luck with everything! *hugs*
23rd March 2008

Hello from some Aussies in Prague
Hi Kimberley, we are a family from Coffs Harbour in New South Wales, currently holidaying in Prague. Have enjoyed reading your stories and congratulate you on your study program in a foreign country. We are absolutely loving Prague, wishing you every success with your chosen life path. It is a good inspiration for our children. Kind regards, the Sparkes family
25th February 2008

Hey there, It sounds like you're having a very big adventure. I would want to come home after what you've been through already. As Rissa said, you are very brave! That's heaps good you have an English speaking faculty though! At least you can get help! I hope you have a good time and many more adventures (good ones). Luv Suzie
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