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11th April 2015

Good Photographer
Mr. Gibeault - You're a wonderful photographer - you frame things well, have a good sense of balance and light, and you seem to pick up the character of a place better than most - Keep up the good work!
14th April 2015

Wow, thanks for the kind words! I really like the way you put it, "the character of a place." and it's something that I'm revealed to hear is coming through. I've got backlog of blog posts and photos to upload, and I thank you for the motivation to get on top of it!
11th April 2015
Yup. There it is.

Gorgeous, soft light. Congratulation on winning Photo of the Week.
27th May 2008

I'm loving the blog. It's vivid. Almost like I'm actually there. Almost like I get to have the very special experience of a travel boner all my own. Thanks for keeping us in your travel-loop, James!
20th May 2008

chris angel
It must be raining if you are updating your blog. I bet you wish you could Chris Agnel the clouds away.
13th May 2008

More please. Where are you? And also, I remember having that garbage problem in England. You could walk for miles and not find a "bin". Someone told me that is was because they didn't want people to be planing "bin bombs." On that morbid note, I hope you guys are having a great time.
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12th May 2008

Mmmmm, chocolate
If there is chocolate it must be a great country. It's great reading about your travles. Sounds like fun and little bit like the canoe trip. Waiting for the pictures and more adventures, love the other Mom.
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30th April 2008

Congratulations Mr. EIT
I'll be the other Mom checking out your travel blog. It's wonderful to see your enthusiasum about finishing engineering and celebrating the end of a long hard commitment to your education. I know for a fact that it will take you places you never imagined the start of which are your travels though Europe. Stay safe, love H.
29th April 2008

Looks like Christmas! It's pretty as a Christmas card...
27th April 2008

Hey, cool...
I'm on the internet!

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