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Maria & Paul here, off for some more adventures! With a bigger focus on hiking & camping this time round, I think “here looks good” will be said more times then we can count. Wish us luck!

For videos & extras we’ll be using instagram; here_looks_good

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » St Bees May 17th 2022

When you’ve grown up thinking anything past Bristol counts as the North, spending over 9 hours, on 4 different trains, makes you realise just how much more North there actually is in England! Thankfully, the whole journey (Plymouth to Bristol, to Birmingham, to Carlisle, to St Bees) went smoothly to plan, with just the very last train teasing us with its inability to keep the engine running (blocked filter which was quickly sorted). It was a long journey which went surprisingly quickly, spent people watching, listening to music, learning Spanish, eating (grateful for the pre bought snacks and lunch we had as there was no other opportunity to get anything with no time or no facilities; Carlisle station, our longest stop of 1hour, at 5:30pm, had nothing to offer other then a closing bar), and watching ... read more
I’ll take this one
Carlisle station
Here’s Johnny!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon May 7th 2022

As I mentioned trekking poles in our last blog, it made us think about our gear and how, for the most part, good it has been! So with that in mind, we thought we’d do a kit review for anyone that may be interested and looking for thoughts / advice on the following: 1. Trekking Poles - Fozan compact 4 cork grip Are trekking poles worth using?… yes! Are these ones good?… yes! Why’d you recommend?… Not only do they really help with hiking up and down hills (taking some of the pressure off your legs and knees!) and have been found to increase your efficiency in walking, but they have so many other uses too!: - guide-rope marker to prevent tripping - washing line (made from guide-ropes) holder / pole - tent door holder / ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon May 5th 2022

Waking up to another sunny day, we were feeling lucky and grateful for all the good weather we had had this trip… and also very hot very quickly, as we hiked up to Berry’s Head out of Brixham. The coast path evened out a little for a short while and we enjoyed magnificent views across the water and of the undulating coastline ahead; mentally preparing us for our upcoming section of steep ups and downs. And this is where I think I should mention a bit of kit that may seem a little nerdy and perhaps underrated by some: the trekking pole! Being able to have something to grip on to, both going up and down, really supports your legs and helps keeps your balance and is something we’d 100% recommend using (even if I am ... read more
Berry’s head
St Mary’s bay
Shaded paths

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon May 4th 2022

Sad to say there was no ferry to start todays walk (though apparently quite a few people do take the ferry from Torquay to Brixham to avoid what is known as a busy and urban section of the coastal path), so we should have been able to quickly get going. However, rejoining the coast line at Torquay sea front to walk the path (which does run beside the busy road) we were soon stopped in our tracks with a ‘road closed - use diversion’ sign, including pedestrians; argh. This resulted in us then finding a public footpath sign a bit further up which we thought would get us away from the busy road for a bit, only to find it looped back down to road closed sign again! More argh. Back up to the main road ... read more
Steam train a coming
Lots of beach huts
Choo choo

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon May 3rd 2022

Another ferry to start the day again, only this time the sun was shining and we had checked yesterday evening that it was running this time. We made sure we were there for the first one across to Shaldon, finding out that 10am actually means 10:20 Teignmouth time, but hey ho we weren’t rushing. It also meant we met and chatted to an older couple who turns out are also keen walkers, with the fella saying how he did the Penine way when he first retired and now hikes in Scotland every February with friends! After the short but pleasant ride across the estuary, we began the trail straight off with…a steep hill climb! However, rewarded with a stunning view almost straight away, with the sun shining and clear skies ahead, and feeling warmed up and ... read more
Ferry to Shaldon
Beautiful views
Pretty flowers

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon May 2nd 2022

And we are off again! Another mini adventure, this time along the South West Coast Path. Only being a 4 day trip we decided to bnb along the way, which means no tent or cooking equipment and food, which more importantly means, a lighter backpack! So, with just a few bits of light clothing, wet weather gear and a couple of walking safety essentials, we headed back to Plymouth rail station to catch a couple trains to Exmouth. And, quickly realised our first lesson to learn… you should always check the local ferries are running 🤦‍♀️ Thankfully, after learning the ferry to star cross was not running (it is usually but was randomly shut for some maintenance issue until mid-May!) we saw the Water-Taxi to Dawlish Warren was still running! And with the drizzle rain turning ... read more
Stretching out to Sea
Red Cliffs

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon April 22nd 2022

Well today was the day, the last section of our TMW walk, Wembury here we come!.. just hold this plastic bag first incase Paul is sick without making it out the tent! That’s right, Paul woke up in the middle of last night not feeling great, and this morning, rushed off to the toilet to be sick. He returned briefly, managing to get changed, only to head back up to the toilet to be sick again… could it be the water (it is from a hose pipe they use for the horses) or more likely the pasty we bought in ivybridge yesterday afternoon and didn’t eat til late; we also had different flavour pasties so the only thing different for me & Paul and I was feeling ok. Either way, it wasn’t a great start, but ... read more
Getting there
We can see the sea
Wembury here we come

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon April 21st 2022

After a sound sleep we woke to a pretty pink sky and noted the wind had picked up a bit; luckily we had an old stone building to duck behind to cook without issue and the wind helped dry the tent out quickly so all was good. An easy, known, downward stroll to ivybridge (via some viewpoint tops) and of course we popped into a cafe for some brunch which was delicious. After picking up supplies for tonight and tomorrow morning we headed back to the trail; having technically completed the TMW marked paths, we now followed the river Erme signs for a lovely sunny stroll along the river( feet aching over the harder / rocky paths though!). Sloping up away from the river, we then ignored the signed path turning right towards Dunstone, to walk ... read more
We can see ivybridge
Here looks good

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon April 21st 2022

A slightly restless night with rain & wind, made for a restless morning too. The rain had stopped but the wind was still strong & cold, so we packed up quick and actually got walking by 8. Off to a speedy start (for us) the wind then dropped as we descended down to a river, and we found a sunny spot to pull over for breaky and to warm up. Which we quickly did with the climb back out of the valley (shorts now back on) and enjoyed a sunny hot day for the rest of the day, traversing across Dartmoor at a slower pace; enjoying magnificent views from up high, and beautiful rivers down low. Holne was our half way stop and after a huge climb up from the river, we really enjoyed the tea ... read more
Swim spot for another day
Nap time?!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon April 21st 2022

After a very welcomed rest day (spent doing laundry, playing pool, eating and chatting to the other campers; just wish the farm shop & cafe next door didn’t close on Mondays! Doh-should of checked that when booking!) we set out at 7:00am sharp for our known biggie hike…Who am I kidding, we actually ended up setting off 8:30 but hey ho we got there! Today was the day we crossed into Dartmoor! Less roads & farmers fields and more moorlands & wilderness ahead. And that was certainly true. As was the rumour that the TMW signage goes a bit sparse and map reading is needed (although technology and pre-plotted routes helped with that). It’s also the section running past Castle Drogo, and I think may be my favourite bit, being just so stunning. We passed through ... read more
The Bothy
Campsite sunset
Hello Dartmoor

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