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28th January 2018

Good to see you traveling again...
and not letting a 3.9 year old slow you down!
29th January 2018

How lovely to hear from you. Its great being on the road again. Sadly, she starts school this year so opportunities will get harder so Ive been trying to make the most of what I can since she was born. Hope you are both well! x
18th January 2018

Brave but able
You are on the road again, albeit modified by parent responsibilitiy. Go it babe, and publish your past blogs as well as this one not to mention future ones.
17th January 2018

As always i am in awe of your wunderlust and your apparent lack of fear in your adventures. Have an amazing time and make some wonderful memories X
17th January 2018

Cheers Rod. It's been an incredible week so far...ups and downs and plenty more poo stories to come. X
15th July 2015

Very well written, I can visualise that lovely island. I have read a book about the rise of the Pol Pot regime not long ago. This recent history should be more undere attention. I like your blog!
15th July 2015

Thank you!
Thanks so much jack. I'm glad my writing has captured it for you. Very kind! X
7th December 2012

Thank you!
Thank you so much for writing about Elephant Nature Park! I do PR for Save Elephant Foundation, which operates the park. For people interested in learning more about the park and foundation or visiting any of the projects (including ENP), be sure to visit www.saveelephant.org.
11th December 2012

Ele's rock!
Hi Diana - thank you for taking the trouble to read and comment on my ENP blog entry. Its an amazing place and working there really changed my life. I met some amazing people who will I will stay friends with forever. Lek is an inspiration and I wish you and everyone at the Park all the very best. I hope to come back one day. Thanks again. Hananh x
23rd August 2012

quite enjoyed that...
as a panamanian, I'm delighted that your last lap in Panama reinvigorated your love of travel...and reminds me it's time to head to Kuna Yala. Thanks for the lovely read! www.cooperativaelnido.com
27th August 2012

Kuna Yala and on!
Hiya Rebecca - Im glad you enjoyed my blog and you feel inspired to travel. Enjoy the archipelago! Thanks for taking the trouble to message me. Hannah
10th May 2012

Map of Central America Countries
Very awesome and interesting to read. I liked it and enjoyed reading it.
10th May 2012

Thank you
Hi John - Thank you for taking the time to email me. Im glad you enjoyed the blog...there's plenty more - feel to browse. Best Hannah
25th March 2012

Elkie Brooks
Elkie Brooks is a very fine singer, great in fact. Maybe Emma Bunton is more your level of taste
25th March 2012

Well, I have a confession... No more the fool is a classic ;-) Not sure about Emma solo but heck, the Spice Girls en masse did change the face of 90's music! Im more of a Muse girl myself...!
8th March 2012

Fantastically written amiga!!
8th March 2012

Gracias chica!
Thank you!!! Watch out for Honduras as youll be featured! x
27th February 2012

Fantastic blog...
I just ran across your blog from the random list of bloggers. I check this occasionally to see if I am missing any good talent out there. Your blog would be even better if readers didn't have to look elsewhere for you pictures. Is there anyway you can post at least some of your better pictures (say 20 per entry) when you find the time, recognizing you are on the road right now. I am Recommending you in the hopes that you will. When you do I will nominate you for Blogger of the Week.
6th March 2012

Hiya - thank you so much for your lovely message. Very pleased you have enjoyed. I love writing! I generally prefer to keep my pics private so just have them on my FB for my 'friends' thats why I haven't put any on here. Sorry about that!
13th February 2012

Hello my lovely...as always wonderfully entertaining!!! I was touched by your comments about Malcolm...even though I haven't seen him for years I still have fond memories of him... was gonna write something about life and death but have changed my mind...therefore... enjoy yourself as much as you can! Baci, Miranda xxxx
27th January 2012

Hellish trip question
Stumbled upon this as I am googling a similar journey.... which company did you use so i know which to avoid :D
1st February 2012

Hiya! Well, we booked through Blue Coral in Hoi An but after I contacted them to say what had happened they were incredibly helpful. They entered ceased working with Vision Travel (the bus company) and eventually refunded me part of the money. I would say avoid Vision Travel....though I didnt deal directly with them. Good luck! Hannah x
4th January 2012

Your last e-mai Hannah
Hi Hannah - have tried to rspond to your last e-mail dated 24th Dec, but both replies have been bounced back as undeliverable. Mother spent Christmas up here with us and we then took her back home for New Year and stayed with her until yesterday. Wishing you all the best for 2012 and keep enjoying your travels.
12th January 2012

Hi Danuta - Good to hear from you. Wishing you all the best for 2012. Best Hannah

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