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19th August 2012

Lez Eels
Thank you for sharing the REAL thing with us! I was a huge fan of Henri Charriere in my youth, but visuals were hard to come by then..It looks just as sinister as I imagined! I look forward to reading more of your blog entries!
13th June 2012

Being a tourist and being a traveler...
Paul Bowles wrote beautifully about the difference between a tourist and a traveler... Although you have visited 106 countries/territories in the world (truly impressive so chapeau bas) you still expect a ferry in Suriname to be as punctual as a train in Oslo or Zurich... Then you are leaving your hotel at 4:30 am to cross a border by a taxi/ferryboat and a bus between two countries travelling mostly thru a 400 km of partly swamp forest… and you don’t take even a snack with you… Were you expecting a Subway or a Pizza Hut on your way?;) Not even a snack in your backpack? If you were from Ohio travelling for the first time in your life, I would not be surprised at all… But thanks for posting your observations. Interesting and inspiring.
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15th March 2012
Haile Selassie throne

God's throne..
He that sitteth upon this throne is God.
13th February 2012

from dubai silicon oasis to muscant city centre is around 385 kilometers i.e. via hatta border. now they have also brought in a new rule that you have to buy an ORANGE CARD from oman border for around 30 dirhams that gives assurance that you are covered in oman with your car insurance, but it doesnt mean that you dont need to buy insurance before you travel. Its kind of an additional charge. 50 dirham for visa and 30 for orange card.
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13th June 2011

o.O I live in the Kalmar area. Feels a bit strange to read from someone from far away who has traveled here xD
11th March 2011

Well Appreciated
What an adventure! Thanks for sharing your quest. If I will be given the chance to visit the place I would love to. Nature tripping is one of the best thing that I always wanted to do. It makes me feel closer to God and to His creation. Canadian Rocky Mountains
6th October 2010

In Belarus all speak in Russian language, absolutely. In the center you can always find a person with average English. Generally in Belarus is better to look not capital, and ancient monuments. This is a very interesting. Ex: http://globus.tut.by/grodno/index7.htm#kolozha it's my town.
20th September 2010
Slug bug

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25th August 2010

For someone on the outside looking in then yes Guyana may appear to be dangerous. There is crime in Guyana but so does every other country. Being warned against going to certain areas is only for your own good. Tourist go to Europe, North America and other parts of the world and are nicked, its not like its a Guyana thing. Guyana is third word so no skyscrapers.
28th July 2010

Kom op vrome mensen in Suriname. Knap uw hoofdstad eens een keertje voor eens en voor altijd. Wat een schaamte. Achterlijk en bouwvallig. Het kan wel heel mooi worden. Doe je best. Next time I come I would like to see results.
From Blog: Paramaribo
27th July 2010
Old typewriter, USS Pueblo

L'amore per scrivere
Quello che pensi, lei scrive senza pensarci troppo! Bellissima foto.- Auguri.-. Flaviano - Monza Italia
27th July 2010

wrong information....
I was born in London and lived in NY for 22yrs, now i have moved to live in Guyana with my husband and 5yr old twins and trust me there is nothing dangerous about Guyana. You need to acept places for what they are if you wanted 5 star treatment you should have gone some where else on vacation. Guyana is a poor country and people work hard, you should be happy and stop compalining, i don;t think you really wanted to get to see the country and meet real people.
19th June 2010

Thanks for the great info!
We are leaving this thursday for a road trip to Banff. Your blog was very helpful in planning our time there. Thank you.
5th June 2010

Newhaven Hotel
I too have stayed at this hotel, great value, god friendly staff who looked after my main luggage while i traveled around. I returned to find all safe and sound. Good trip report, Thanks
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10th April 2010

I need to correct one statement here: after being processed in St. Laurent, prisoners were sent to many different areas of French Guiana, not just to the Iles de Salut. Depending on connections, one could have got a good assignment but without connections or being able to bribe the right person, one could have been sent to the "death" camp in Kourou. One very good book is the "Dry Guillotine" by René Belbenoit.
29th March 2010

It's about 420kms on google maps.. I know we drove over 540kms that first day but we took a side loop via Nakhal.
From Blog: Dubai to Muscat
29th March 2010

driving distance from Dubai to Muscat, Oman
I would like to know the driving distance in Km between Dubai to Muscat, Oman. Thanks, eds
From Blog: Dubai to Muscat
16th February 2010

It's a bit ironic title... but based on what little information is available on Guyana in guidebooks we expected to be heading into a war zone.. going by the Lonely Planet they say don't walk anywhere, take taxis even if going a couple blocks, don't go to the seawall, threat of physical danger is very real, etc, etc. I've visited 100 countries and never seen such warnings. We of course found it very different once we actually got there. Then again, we heard on the news that a guy on the plane we came in on ended up getting shot.
1st February 2010

the most dangerous?
I came across this page by chance, and even though i agree somewhat with what you've written, i am questioning your choice of title for your story. It reads "the most dangerous city", so when i saw that i was like...oh dear, but i still haven't come across anything that showed you had a really bad experience apart from a little rain, timing and changes in prices. Georgetown, like most cities have their bad spots but i think compared to some other cities, its not that bad. I've been there many times and had nothing but good times....we as tourists have a responsibility to be careful when visiting any country, there are always treats out there. So your title is very misleading to anyone who would be researching the country.
20th January 2010

The hotel should have known about the AirBaltic right terminal, probably they just didn't care to tell the driver about it, or he knew and chose the wrong way, anyway he took advantage of the situation to get more money. Unfortunately to foreigners it happens very often in Russia.
From Blog: Kaliningrad
12th January 2010

I didn't have any problems communicating in Belarus; the hotel/airport staff and taxi driver all spoke (enough) English. I didn't speak with any locals when I was there though. Though I know a little Russian, you could get by with the basic 'hello', 'thank you', 'how much', and 'where is'.
12th January 2010

Yeah.. got screwed on the taxi rate. I'd booked the taxi from a hotel so they added their markup. Then ended up having to pay the extra 300 cause they took me to the wrong terminal (airBaltic left from the other side of the runway).
From Blog: Kaliningrad
25th December 2009

Taxi fees
You paid a lot for a taxi from Kaliningrad to the airport, it costs around 500 rubles, but not 900 - that's too expensive. Check out the fares with the locals next time!
From Blog: Kaliningrad
24th December 2009

I been to Guyana 4 times - got someone special there (Miss Guyana's half sis)- I am White blue eyed male- Never felt danger, people were real friendly. - Maybe because i was with a local woman??? - Sea wall, market, Pegusus, Buddies Night Club, Swam at Splashmans, Blue Lakes near Linden, Jubilie (water park) and Towers Hotel. I had a blast! Did not like driving a car!!! No lights, stop signs or one way signs -- Got to have a local with u for driving! Did get pulled over by the Police - Driving down the wrong way - Payed them $20 - Drove off - I like Tobago much better (BEACHES) - But, i will go back to Guyana! Got to see Ms. Melissa, eat Chicken Curry and drink a Banks Beer!! I also Stayed at Sleeping Guest House and was there for World Cup! Like the game
15th December 2009

I am an American student working in London. I get done two days before May 9 and plan on traveling. I'm a very experienced traveler (Europe, South America, Africa) and prefer the out of the way exotic places. I've really wanted to go to Belarus for a while now but the only thing holding me back is I don't really speak much Russian (I hear Belarusian is pretty much the same language), only a couple of words here and there and some phrases. I'm pretty good at picking a language up quick but how difficult would it be to get by not really knowing the language? Thanks!

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