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14th November 2009

Just thought we might have a bbq as well. Bin out to check all ok. bbq seems to have blown away or rusted away!! Weather here seems to be the same here as in cairns- rainy. Bet its warmermer in Cairns though ( have you ever heard of the word warmermer? ). Missing you but loving everything youre doing. Lots of love Dad.
20th October 2009

happy birthday
Ey up cock from all of us in Yorkshire, celebrating your b'day with a glass of wine thinking of you with all our love on this cold windy rainy night . Why can't we be with you!Enjoy your day just like every other out there all our love Sue Al Lou and Mags xxxxxxxxxx
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8th July 2009

Hello! Sorry I only just found your comment, seems that I havent fully got the hang of this system yet either! Glad you managed to get access in the end! The chinese food was a little more adventurous than back home...some stuff that I would be concerned about trying, but the food I did try was yummy and much less greasy than the chinese back home. I'm guessing that St Kilda must have been named after a place in Scotland then...very bizarre coincidence! lots of love H x
2nd June 2009

Serendipitous St Kilda connection
Yay! Blog access now sufficiently technophobe-proof that I can see all that you are up to!! Gutted I didn't catch you while you were in Hong Kong to ask if the food was anything like the kind of chinese you get over here... Melbourne looks cool!! Weirdly I spent this morning with a Belgian actor helping him practice lines for a Scottish Opera called St Kilda which will be at Edinburgh Festival this summer... never heard of the name before and then twice in one day - freaky or what?! Lots of love and keep the news coming... Alison xxx

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