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23rd May 2017

I would love to see them!!!! Love to you both x
24th May 2017

It would be our pleasure. You just have to get yourself down here - soon.
22nd May 2017

Stnning views as always
Geoff, you really should think about creating a hardback book!!!
23rd May 2017

Back to free camping - comment
Hi Eug, Thanks for your comment. Glad you appreciated the photo's. We do make a book from the blogs after each trip - but they often contain more photos than we put in the blog. When you are here we can bore you with the books we have done. Geoff
2nd November 2016

Colour and Movement
Makes our travel experiences look fairly tame. There's not much worse than insufficient time between transfers.
6th June 2016

Hi Geoff
Hi mate - I'm recovering from Prostate Cancer but will follow your amazing 'walkabout' .............. I'm hoping to be fit again within 6/8 weeks - be safe - Eug x
5th June 2016

It Could Have Been Worse
After all, it was only a credit card that you left at Coles; poor old Tony Bennet left his heart in San Francisco. Wot . . . . visiting Mildura and no photos of pumps! What has the world come to? My Grandmother remarried at 85 and went to Mildura for her honeymoon, tripped over at the Chaffey pumping station and then had her first ever ride in an aircraft - an air ambulance. Loving the Blogging, despite no pump photographs - keep it coming. R&J
12th July 2015

Are you missing Neighbours and Away?
Your Sat TV issues reminded me that because we only have free to air at home; when travelling on business I often curiously surf the hotel Cable channels; only to find an extra 30 channels filled with stuff that I do not want to watch anyway. Normally I end up watching free to air. I imagine that the terrestrial options would be a bit limited at Bollon however. Hope you are managing to keep up with family feud and meouwllion dollar minute; not to mention neighbours and away.
25th June 2015

You old dinosaur
Loved the pic of the young dinosaur eating the old one .... made me chuckle ..... loving all the pics and stories you guys xx
From Blog: Into the outback
21st June 2015

Cite all you like!
18th June 2015

Interesting Figures
Keep up the fuel consumption data please. Most informative. Ron would like you to also log the tyre pressures and perhaps graph the tyre pressures versus steady fuel consumption on the flat. Also if you could at some stage swap the air in the tyres with nitrogen which is supposed to help tyre life and fuel consumption. Were the fuel consumption figures obtained with the aircon on or off? There was a Japanese research paper (Watanabe et al in 2003) that outlined possible fuel economy savings of up to 0.0000274% if the dashboard lighting is dimmed by 50% provided the stereo volume is also kept below 86dB(A). The effect of the radio aerial on the aerodynamic drag would also be interesting? In the next blog can we also get the oil consumption figures please. Seriously this is a great blog; we love keeping up with your adventures and are enjoying the wry humour - keep it up guys!
19th June 2015

Interesting figures
I am going to use your response in the next blog - do you want to be cited?
9th May 2015

Everywhere you looked there were groups of young women drifting from shop to shop. Geoff wished he was 50 years younger, but couldn’t remember why!
I laughed so much!!!!!!
22nd April 2015

Have a wonderful safe trip you guys
Love the pics and stories - when does the book come out???? :-) xxx
21st April 2015

Wot No Car Photos?
Lovely to read but concerned about Marg's centre of gravity being inverted. Take care friends! But you went all that way and no photos of the car enthusiast's vehicles? Cheers Judy & Ron
21st April 2015

Good news
Hi Marg and Geoff, We thought that you might have gone off again great have a great time.We have sold at long last 95% certain just a few more inspections.A family have brought it so it will not be a B&B any more.Rob is very busy under the house trying to clear up.Have a really good time.Janet and Robert
30th March 2014

Map of Tasmania
We see that you have not got lost recently. Did Marg bring along her impressive map of Tasmania?
17th March 2014

Fantastic pics again
Have fun you two !! xx
20th July 2013

Looks like a great trip
Happy you are both home safely - Eug
27th June 2013

Great blog !!
21st October 2012

Amazing !!!!
What an amazing trip - Marg is a 'Saint' and Geoff is a lucky bugger .......... well done both, can't wait to see the book!! Eug
24th September 2012

The wine is on ice and the heater vent, respectively.
25th August 2012

Love the pics
Geoff - you need to turn all these amazing blogs into a book mate !!!
27th August 2012

Blogs and books
Hi Eug, we have done that in fact. We did it through this site initially, but were disappointed with the U.S paper size used. It did have the advantage of taking the whole blog inc. photos across to the book, but we are now doing them through a local mob and focussing more on the photo record of the trip. Regards Geoff
5th July 2012

Sounds like fun
Hi Marg & Geoff We are really enjoying your blogs and it does sound as though you are having a really great time; you will definitely be our contact when we want to know where to travel to in Australia. We've been busy with kids and grandchildren over the past couple of weeks, all lovely but do have to say that it is also quite exhausting for me - said to John last night when the last of the troops left yesterday afternoon that "...I was going to have a relaxing week tomorrow..."!!! We have eight weeks until we head off for Italy and France - will you be home before then - if so it would be great to catch up and hear a little first hand about your trip. Love to you both Bron & John

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