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Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon February 2nd 2010

Tsim Sha Tsui, pronounced "jim-saa-jeui" means Sharp, Sandy Point, is the tourist ghetto of Hong Kong. Obviously, this is probably where we will spend our time. It is full of hotels, inexpensive and seedy guesthouses, drinking and dining options, and is also a shopping destination. Clothing and shoes tend to dominate, followed by restaurants, camera and electronic stores, and a nightlife area around Knutsford Tee and Minden Avenue. Tsimsy as the locals call it, lies at the very southern tip of the Kowloon Peninsula, south of Austin Road. The best things to do here are: Star Ferry, Avenue of the Stars evening lightshow, High Tea at the Peninsula Hotel, the East Promenade, and the Hong Kong Museum of Art. I would add to that list: dim sun almost anywhere, a cold beer, and a half day ... read more
Lunar New Year
The famous Peninsula Hotel lobby
Ladies Market

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto March 21st 2009

We took a taxi after breakfast to Morika Tofu Shop on the very outskirts of Kyoto. Our cab driver did not know how to get there. He had to call in to his station to get the coordinates for his modified GPS. Even, then, he said he had never been there. But he did agree that it was the best tofu, in that Morika-san is widely regarded by everybody as the champion tofu maker in all of Japan. So, we engaged in quite a discussion with our taxi cab driver, his broken English, my broken Japanese. And many hand gestures, voice inflections, smiles and laughs. We drove and we drove, ringing up a huge taxi toll as we went along. We moved from dense inner city, to semi suburbia, to almost country. We turned down a ... read more
In Front of Morika Tofu
An Ancient Art

North America » United States » California » Fresno December 27th 2008

Have you ever driven through the San Joaquin Valley and seen the signs for the Sun Maid raisin factory store? It is located in my hometown of Kingsburg, CA. Sun Maid is the cooperative where we sell our raisins. They in turn process, package, market and sell the raisins all over the world. The coop is celebrating 95 years as the World's Favorite Raisin. The official name is the Sun Maid Growers of California. We went to the factory store today to buy a few last minute gifts. These are some of the things we found here. I strongly encourage you to stop here on your next drive to Los Angeles or San Francisco if you live in the south. Remember, raisins got me through college, so spend, spend, spend for future generations. The obvious products ... read more

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