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Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Hohhot November 28th 2007

My first blog of many to come from Hohhot, the capital of the province of Inner Mongolia in China. Hohhot is located northwest of Beijing, 10 hours by overnight train, and has a population of more than 2 million people, of which 20% mongol and 80% Han Chinese. My expectations of the city were very different from the real thing, it's a very nice city to spend a year in, almost like a chinese version of Las Vegas. The buildings are really nicely lit up, lots of neon lights and parks and the lot. Ofcourse it is winter now (-10 at night) so it will look a bit different, but absolutely not what I thought it would look like. On the train here , coming from Qinhuangdao on the eastcoast, I saw the landscape surrounding the ... read more
mongolian matouqin player
mongolian girls
train to Hohhot

Asia » China » Hebei » Qinhuangdao November 20th 2007

Earlier on in the year I wrote that I was going to do a TEFL course and then become a teacher in Asia.... Well..... here I am in China, with a TEFL diploma and a year contract with a large language school! After my arrival on Beijing airport, I was picked up and driven to Qinhuangdao, a city on the eastcoast, accross from North Korea so to say. Here I have spend my first night in a chinese restaurant (and bar afterwards) meeting all people associated with this school. Today I did a little bit of sightseeing with another new teacher, we went to Shanhaiguan, which is basically next door to Qinhuangdao. Here the famous Chinese wall meets the ocean....! Tomorrow I am going to experience Chinese healthcare first hand with a full on medical check, ... read more
Chinese writing
A pagoda
Chinese cabbage anyone..?

Europe » Netherlands » Frisia August 20th 2007

Here's a little update from me, from holland for a change. Almost leaving for england, to start my tefl course, unil then trying to get some cash together working in a hotel on the isle of Terschelling, to the north of Holland. Hope all's allright, Johan.... read more
west terschelling

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Reading April 7th 2007

whitchurch on thames, berkshire Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Reading By frisian travellerApril 7th 2007johannesA short note: As usual i am again pennyless, and desperately waiting for my first paycheck. In the meantime i'm enjoying the start of spring, and spending my free saturdays in the city of Reading. Life on an alpaca farm is great by the way, no 6 o'clock wake up calls and a golf cart to drive around in. Very intelligent animals, they know exactly w... read more
my new home
spring is in the air
london city from the air

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi January 21st 2007

After visiting ayuthaya, i took a bus to kanchanaburi. Well, actually two busses, qoz there was a transfer in suphanburi. On arrival i was alittle bit dissapointed, i have to say. I was expecting this small rivertown, but no way, not in thailand. It was a nice spot, don't get me wrong, but i don't see what all the fuss is about you know. Me personally, i think it's just a bridge. Yeah, i made my obligatory photo, but apart from that stayed as far away from the bridge as possible. The number of tourists there was absolutely incredible! Anyway, what else did i do. Rented a bike, went to some cave in wich they had made a temple. (Yawn). Next to the railroad track i saw a sign that read 'monkeyschool', ok, so checked it ... read more
accomodation by the river
"the bridge"
bridge at dusk

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Prachuap Khiri Khan January 21st 2007

Well, there I am....back in holland behind the computer, having just finished my first day of wellpaying, mindnumbing work. Thanks to my dad who provides me with limitless acces to internet, I have discovered the wonders of things like YOUTUBE. So now i am listening to my very own playlist, which is ofcourse full of foreign music. TIP: FOR SOME REALLY POPULAR INDONESIAN MUSIC, search for "SAMSON-KENANGAN TERINDAH" , I promise you'll love it. So, yeah, left kanchanaburi by bus and train. Was very surprised to see how dry the landscape looked south of bangkok. Everything looked like it hadn't seen rain in weeks. Arrived in the heat of the day, but the guesthouse was very close to the trainstation luckely, so after dumping my bags, i went for a stroll. Man, i was so happy ... read more
fish drying in the sun
manao bay
me, sunset over Prachuap

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ayutthaya January 12th 2007

Back in, now familiar, KL, i spend 3 nights of wich one evening i joined the celebrations at lake titiwangsa park. Here i got interviewed by some newspaper people and next day found my name and comments in the sunday star newspaper!!! Good enough. Managed to change my air asia flight for not too many excess ringgit, so took the bus down to changi airport in singapore, and arrived in the new airport in bangkok to discover that they had changed the bussystem (at night). Traffick at this time is light though so half an hour later stepped out at police and army invested kao san. Next day, got the message from my airline i could not go back home before the 21st of january, so basically i am now checking out the sights around bangkok. ... read more
kuala lumpur at night
opening of the eye on KL
chao phraya, bangkok

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan January 12th 2007

With a big delay, the bus to denpasar arrived at 22:00. Immidiately got asked ridiculous prices by bemo and taxi drivers. Decided there and then i did not like bali. With the knowledge of having to go home early, due to financial reasons, i choose to head for lombok the next morning, just to get away from it all if you know what i mean. Afetr a very long ferry ride, and 1 hour on the back of a scooter, i spend the night in senggigi, sonya's place. Then went over to gili trawangan (island) for new years. Didn't have a blast, but wasn't really looking for it either. Just had some quiet beers on the beach with a german couple. On the first of january i went back to sonya's place in senggigi, wher i ... read more
nice...!!   gili trawangan
flag and bali's gunung agung

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Padang December 25th 2006

So where was i, oh yeah, meeting my friend mardi, throwing away ideas about budgets, and deciding on pulau pagang to be my next destination. Although it cost a bit, it was so worthwhile. The island is situated just off the coast of Padang, absolutely nobody there, very robinson crusoe-like. The days food was the days catch, i'm talking fresh fish, eaten by (right) hand. All those years of parents trying to teach you not to touch your food, and then in indonesia just getting away with it. Absolutely love it. Beforehand i bought a kamus (dictionary) in padang for as little as 2 euro. So the 3 days i spend on pulau pagang i learned quite a bit of bahasa indonesia. I had a great time snorkling right off the beach, including a big drop-off. ... read more
accomodation on pulau pagang
view from teluk bayur

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukittinggi December 25th 2006

It's been a while, in fact it's been a month. But here are finally my indonesia blogs. Left Melaka, malaysia, on the 5th of december by ferry. I was waved of by literally hundreds of those fish with legs, sunbathing on the mudbanks. After about 5 hours, i arrived in Dumai, wich basically is a very ugly industrial city. Got hold of a minibus that left 2 hours later then announced, and shared it with 2 english guys and a couple of very grumpy local lady's. At about 1:30 am we reached bukittinggi, and although the town seemed to be sleeping, managed to get a room in an old dutch colonial builiding. A huge room including mandi for less then 5 euro's. Visited the local zoo, wich made me close to tears (example, an orang oetan ... read more
rainy season
bukittinggi zoo

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