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Africa » Botswana » North-West » Chobe National Park May 15th 2012

Sad after leaving the Okavango Delta behind we continued east to a small town called Gweta. This was just a stop to break up the 600km drive to Chobe National Park. After 3 nights back in the tent and being so encased in dirt we made the extremely difficult decision to upgrade again to a lodge room for a minimal amount-- I know, I know being uncomfortable is all part of the experience blah blah blah!! After a few water related issues we were upgraded to a family room which thrilled us even more. It was at this lodge where the expression T.I.A (This Is Africa) truly began to take on its meaning. The hot water was run off a gas bottle so therefore it would scorch you, then freeze you until you had had enough ... read more
Sunrise over Chobe
Young Male lion
Attention up the tree

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta May 11th 2012

Prior to beginning this blog I have a couple of corrections from previous blogs and status updates: My apologies, it is the buffalo which is found in Africa, the water buffalo is in Asia. Sorry Worthingtons!As previously updated we camped by the banks of the Ovkavango river. I feel I should confess that we didn’t actually camp that night. In Etosha I was beginning to get sick and grumpy so we made the tough decision to upgrade to a lodge room for $25 for a good shower and good nights sleep required to maintain our sanity -- this may not have been the last time we took the comfy option either, more on that later! I would also ... read more
Pool of water lillies
Our Camp site
Botswana national animal

Africa » Namibia » Etosha National Park May 11th 2012

We have arrived in AFRICA!!!! Still on a high from our afternoon of feeding cheetahs, we all woke up ready to hit the road bound for Etosha national park. We had a pit stop in a town called Outjo for internet and supply shopping which was followed by a short drive on SEALED road to the park. Etosha is the largest wildlife park in Africa and is located around a large salt pan. I’m not going to pretend like my expectations were low, I was picturing plains filled with elephants, giraffes and rhinos roaming around all together so when we began our game drive and the first thing to see was more frigging springbok anxiety kicked in. We were very soon rewarded though with herds of zebras and wilderbeast at the first water hole and some ... read more
Thirsty Giraffe
Our night time sighting

Africa » Namibia May 11th 2012

When someone tells you the roads in Namibia are bad your reaction is automatically “well yeah, it is Africa!” However nothing could prepare me for the endless corregated dust roads ahead of us. After the luxury of sealed roads & actual beds in Swakopmund we stepped back on the truck heading north, armed with dot to dot colouring books, word searches and a pack of cards. Two hours out of swakop we stopped at Cape Cross, home of one of the largest breeding seal colonies in the world. Along the shoreline were hundreds of black figures which could be mistaken for rocks if it wasn’t for the stench & the grunting noise that came from all around us. After the retching had ceased I could appreciate the vastness of this colony. Where there is one adult ... read more
Our stranded baby seal
Me & my new friend

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund May 6th 2012

Well hellooooo Swakopmund!!! Swakopmund is a german town on the west coast of Namibia. It is set between the vast Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean which provides a play ground for every kind of person. We were immediately thrown into this playground upon arrival as we went to book our activities for the next couple of days. The choices were plentiful, varying from dolphin watching, fishing and township tours to sandboarding, quad biking and sky diving. Megan and I chose dolphins, quad biking and township tour while the other girls were braver and chose sand boarding. Sadly though as I mentioned our dolphin tour did not go ahead, however, this gave us time to explore the little town and have a walk along the beach before we set off on our quad biking tour. After ... read more
A square in Swakopmund
My Bike....

Africa » Namibia May 5th 2012

Our first couple of days in Namibia have been quite relaxing & involved short drives and lots of time spent in our camp sites, therefore I don’t feel they deserve a whole blog to themselves or you’ll all give up reading! We reluctantly left Felix Unite and its luxuries and headed towards Fish River canyon. Amongst the barren mountain landscape, grape farms become visible. The farms are for table grapes and during harvest employ up to 20,000 workers but there are around 8,000 people who work there permanently & they have a small straw village and a store. A short drive later we arrived at Fish River canyon where we had a few hours to enjoy the sun, write our postcards and watch a movie! In the afternoon we were driven to the rim of the ... read more
Fish River Canyon
Fish River Canyon
Sun set over the canyon

Africa » South Africa » Northern Cape » Orange River May 4th 2012

Day 2 of our overland tour began with 4 grumpy girls waking up at 5:30am getting ready for long day of driving from Stellenbosch to the Orange River which is on the Namibian border. Following our wine tour on Day 1 we returned to the hostel keen for some time to relax. This, however, did not happen! The staff of the hostel felt it was appropriate to sit outside our room and watch TV on full blast until 11pm, then as if in tag team a french group sat outside our window (which we were unable to close) and have a birthday party. By 2am we thought the noise was over and everyone was safely tucked up in bed, sadly though there was one more element of the relay we didn’t see coming -- obnoxious American ... read more
Megan appreciating the views!
Felix Unite Campsite

Africa » South Africa April 29th 2012

Today's ramblings come to you from a smelly, noisy hostel after a day of wine tasting - so my aplogies if this makes very little sense! We climbed into our blue truck bright and early this morning and headed down the freeway towards the wine region of Stellenbosch. Very quickly we realised that this trip is going to test our inner constitutions as even on good road being so high up offers very little suspension & we are promised some rocky trips in Namibia this week! On our way out of Cape Town it was facinating to see shanty towns for miles, a standard of living that is so difficult to imagine but that seems to be slowly alleviated with new basic brick housing being built within the townships. On arrival in Stellenbosch we had time ... read more
Tokara Winery
Boschendal Winery

Africa » South Africa April 28th 2012

Ok let's try a second entry to keep you all updated before we head north in a big blue truck! Today was another early start as our body clocks are apparently already ready for our camping trip of big days & early starts. Once again it was a chilly morning with a crisp wind coming off the ocean and fog smothering Table mountain but this is no deterrent for us when we're on a mission. Due to the less than ideal whether we chose to postpone conquering the mountain & jumped on our big red bus headed for the Company's Garden. These gardens date back to the 17th century and were created by the Dutch, however over the years they have changed faces and now following English influence the gardens are lined with important institutional buildings, ... read more

Africa » South Africa April 27th 2012

Day 1 Blog 1! I don't know how long this blogging will last but I might as well give it a try, starting with our flight & our first day in Cape Town. After leaving a wet Melbourne ANZAC day behind me, Megan & I discovered each other in Sydney airport successfully looking like true backpackers with one pack on our backs, another on our front, interesting clothing choices & wandering backwards and forwards looking for a free transfer to the international terminal! Once we realised that wasn't going to happen we settled into the bar in the terminal with a bottle of wine & good company (Nigel had come in to see we actually left the country!). Well fed & 'watered' we bounded onto the A380 building-like aeroplane and settled into our home for the ... read more
Robben Island Bus
Robben Island Church
Springbok on Robben Island

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