Dorothy Crowther


Dorothy Crowther

Hi I am Dorothy
I am a retired GP and a Quaker. I live in Keswick one of the most beautiful places in the UK. I am married to Donald and we have two grown up children but now at nearly 70 I am off on a new adventure. Who would have thought that my adventure would be to travel to Sierra Leone to open wells?
I have been involved with a Quaker Charity Quaker Peace Networks West Africa for about three years now. I have been shocked by some of the pictures coming out of Sierra Leone and wanted to help. Keswick Quakers and others have donated money.
I will be travelling to Sierra leone on the 1st April to work for Quaker Peace Networks West Africa. QPNWA.

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown March 26th 2011

A group of Volunteers outside the Centre for the Prevention of Violent Conflict... read more

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown March 23rd 2011

Another picture which upsets me is this photo of one of the amputees. During the civil war many people had limbs amputated and now can only earn their living by begging on the streets and in the market places of Freetown. I will see what it is really like whan I am there... read more

Africa » Sierra Leone March 22nd 2011

New Well Being Developed There are a group of Quakers who live in Freetown. They have been helping with the development of a Peace Centre in Rokel . They have dug this well and are waiting for funding for concrete and a pump to complete the process. ... read more

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown March 13th 2011

Water Hole. One of the pictures which shocked me was this water hole where bodies were dumped in the civil war. People have to walk miles to get their water. We have been able to dig new wells at a place called Rokel which is about 12 miles from Freetown. I will be opening one of the wells while I am there. ... read more

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