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9th April 2010

I enjoyed your Germany post. I have always wanted to go there. Looks like fun My blog is looking for travel photos and travel stories. If you have the time, email us some at or check us out at Continued fun on your travels, Eric
9th April 2010

Tres bien Amie. Sounds like fun!
This sounds like the year of your life Amy. We're delighted you keep us in the loop. Have a great visit with Mom and Dad when they com. Love, Gramma Louise
17th March 2010

trip to Barcelona
Hello Amy, Dad and I enjoyed your blog. We hope someday you may be able to look back and realize how lucky you have been to see things others just dream about...Your trip sounds fun. We will see you on April 27th through May 9th and hope to meet some of the wonderful people in your life. Love Mom and Dad
7th February 2010

December's blog
Dear Amy, What a wonderful description of your time in December. You have experienced much and made lifetime international friendships. As you reach the transfer point in your families, we hope you have fine memories to keep in your heart. We miss you, and look forward to reading more about your time in France. Best wishes to you and the JACKY and COSSUREL families. Please forward our kind regards. With love, Mom
From Blog: Décembre
2nd February 2010

Wow, is all I can say when reading your blog. I know you must miss home, but the experiences you are telling about are awesome. Connection with other people is so cool. Your writings are very descriptive of the situation and I am very excited for you. Hopefully you are getting along ok with the home sick blues because you are busy. Not too much time left. I am so proud of you. Take care, Marlene From Rice Lake Rotary and neighborhood.
From Blog: Décembre
31st January 2010

your blog
I took the liberty of sending your blog on to some other teachers. I always enjoy reading about your adventures. I know you probably can't talk about it but I really hope your second host family experience is going well. Sometimes it is so hard to adjust to a big change like a host family. But you have already reached the 1/2 point mark and your year is flying by ! Can't wait to hear more about it all when you get back. You probably know that Ian is in Europe on tour right now. I believe he is in Vienna today. Hard knock life for y'all. all for now - love, Sue Alice (Ian's Mom)
From Blog: Décembre
24th January 2010

greetings from rice lake
HI Amy, Just one of the Rotary guys wanting to say hello. Hope you are having a good year. We have had 4 exchange students over the years and we still communicate and see them. Rafael, from Spain, who was at our house in 1988 came to visit this past summer. You will have new friends for life. Take care, have fun!!! Burnell Hanson
14th December 2009

Hi Amy, Your travels are interesting to read. Rotary in Rice Lake will also read your news at their meetings. Love hearing of your experiences. Love mom
9th October 2009

Hello Amy...It appears that you have been seeing many lovely places. We love hearing about all of your travels,. It is also nice to see you in some of your pictures enjoying the experiences with your new friends. Study mom
28th September 2009

HI Amy Hi Amy It sounds like you are having a great time. I am glad to hear about your host family, the culture, and school. I am also pleased to hear you are meeting lots of other Exchange students as well as having opportunities to meet other Rotarians. I am sharing your blog site with Rice Lake Rotarians encouraging them to visit it. Thanks for the update. Paul Vine, President Rice Lake Rotary
From Blog: Schueberfouer
27th September 2009

hello amy
Enjoyed your blog very much. I hope you are getting very comfortable there . I am very proud of you - as you seem to be learning so much and taking advantage of many wonderful opportunities. Keep those blogs coming - it is good for us provincial people to see things about the rest of the world. sue alice
From Blog: Schueberfouer
27th September 2009

wonderful descriptions
Hello Amy, How wonderful of you to up-date this site. It has been very exciting to see the descriptions of all you are experiencing. I am so glad you get to see so many nice places with your host family. It is nice to see the pictures and hear your descriptions of the new places. Glad you have a chance to get some excercise...Keep swimming hard! Love, Mom
From Blog: Schueberfouer
25th September 2009

Hello Amy, Next time you up-date your blog, you may want to include Dr. Vine, President of Rice Lake Rotary as a contact. His email is He will share your news at Rotary to give them a little bit of news on your travels. Have fun. Love. Mom
From Blog: My First Days
14th September 2009

Wow! I really hope you have a blast. lol I'm a little late on posting but oh well :)
12th September 2009

hello meemz
Amy, what a nice entry on your blog. It has been interesting to see all of the experiences you have had in such a short amount of time. We hope you enjoy many more interesting experiences, and have fun learning in your new lycee. I check this many times and even dad read it! We love your emails. Luv ya...have a great time and keep us up to date. Love, mom
From Blog: My First Days
26th August 2009

Hi Amy, Hope all went well with your trip through security with your 2000 lb bag. I hope the flight was smooth and you are getting settled into your home. Missing you and wishing you the best time ever! luv mom
26th August 2009

fun trip
CO sounds fun. Hope your trip to France went well too. Luv Mom
12th August 2009

keeping up
Hi Amee, I am glad you had a nice trip. It was very fun being with you. :) Luvya, Mom

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