David & Rebekah Chadwick


David & Rebekah Chadwick

First time bloggers, and first time flyers, father and daughter travelling to Dubai.

Middle East March 29th 2014

Well what a really interesting day this was. In the afternoon we went to the old part of Dubai, down by the creek. Most of the buildings aare older and lower than the new ones getting built now, itvwas very busy, as Friday is the weekend here, plenty of boats out on the creek give rides. A nice area of grass along the side was getting well used by various families either just sitting chatting, playing football or cricket. One group of lads had a net ball post setvup on the front while another were practising a break dance routine. The shops were morevtraditional, full of tourist type gifts with the owners standing out side trying to persuade you to enter, although they all took no easily fkor an answer and no point were you made ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 28th 2014

Well folks, Thursday turned out to be so different to Wednesday. The sun shone all day, we started the day spending time by the pool, we dont do that for long but we need to make the most of this March sunshine. Quite a relaxing day, although I did have a drive out with Martyn and got to see some of the less attractive parts of Dubai, part of the industrial part, yes its full of warehouses. Later on we visited the new development down by the Marina, this area as only been open a month or so, as everything in Dubai its a fantastic development, the design of the buildings are incredible. After a lovely meal in a Italian/Chinese we walked round the Marina itself, a very busy place even at ten o clock at ... read more
2014-03-27 17.44.15

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 26th 2014

Well we might as well be back in the Uk, Wednesday morning and it's raining quite heavily. We were hoping to have had swim in the pool before heading out again, but the pool is not going to be visited this morning. Well what a wet day Wednesday was, pouring with rain all day, the funny thing is, rain almost brings the roads to a standstill like snow does in the UK, most roads have no drains so everywhere becomes flooded almost instantly. I managed a short walk mid afternoon round the lakes, then headed out to a local shopping mall for a wander and some tea, although smaller than the main Dubai mall we visited Tuesday, its still massive compared to the ones in the UK and incorporates a ski run and small snow boarding ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 25th 2014

Nice relaxing morning round the pool, now for a spot of lunch. After lunch we headed out for a walk of the area with the cameras, then visited the main Dubai mall for an evening meal, seeing the indoor aquarium complete with shark and the ice skating rink. Also seeing the fabulous fountain display outside.... read more
2014-03-25 18.29.07

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 24th 2014

At 7:45 ( Dubai time) our plane landed in Dubai. Although we left Manchester 20 minutes we had a very smooth flight and landing 15 minutes before time. Looking down on Dubai all lit up was an amazing sight to see. After a 20 minute taxi ride we arrived at our apartment, and went to a local resteraunt for a meal, by the time we were walking back to the apartment it was 11pm and still t shirt weather. Its now 9.50 Tuesday morning, time for an hour or so by the pool then to explore.... read more
2014-03-24 11.22.58
2014-03-24 11.23.23

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Staffordshire » Stoke-on-Trent March 21st 2014

Just the weekend to go before we fly early Monday morning, got so much to do before we go, really need to find my way around here as well.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Staffordshire » Stoke-on-Trent March 19th 2014

Well followers, Its Wednesday evening, we have loads to do before we leave for our adventure in Dubai, but the cameras are ready!! If you are wondering, why when we have never flown before, we choose a country with a 7 hour flight, well we are visiting the Eldest, known as Emma, and her partner Martyn.... read more

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