Travelling to Beijing for 8 weeks to do a marketing internship, followed by some rambling around Hong Kong, Thailand and wherever else takes my/my budget's fancy!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Eastleigh August 4th 2011

So there are less than 28 days to wait now, and my list of things to get done is slowly getting smaller. I managed to cover my travel insurance, guidebook and a few more work outfits with the money made from my ebay sales, and the netbook situation is sorted thanks to Chrissy! I am getting a bit jittery being without my passport so close to departure, just praying my visa hurries up so I can have it back soon and feel a little more relaxed! Still living off whatever's in the cupboards, not been food shopping in almost a month now, starting to miss fresh food!! Thankfully the odd meals round friends and families houses keeps me going inbetween! I've stopped trying to plan my post-china travels, which is making me nervous, but I have ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Eastleigh July 25th 2011

Thought I would get a planning blog together to document the entire journey, starting in the grey skied oasis that is Eastleigh! So between working 6 days a week and utilising the other day to attempt to combat the 60+ things on my to do list, I am feeling a little frazzled! Currently doing everything I can to save/make/stretch money, including selling over 50 things on ebay, living off the remnants in my cupboards and freezer, and sadly having a very non extravagant social life! Costs of things I haven't yet considered keep creeping up, and so far I still need to make a plan to cover travel insurance, a final hair appointment and a netbook. Luckily my injections are free, and will be crossed off the mammoth list tomorrow. (Not sure whether to be relieved ... read more

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