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Asia » Singapore » Little India October 26th 2011

GOODBYE SMILING FACES, orange stone carvings, puja (Hindu offerings), and infinite palm trees; hello shopping malls, food courts, tall modern buildings, clean toilets, and things that light up in the night. By the time we got to Singapore both Travis and I were kind of sick of planning. This made us kind of terrible tourists. Instead of picking out famous sites to visit we just kind of wandered through the streets bleary eyed not really knowing where we were going or what we were looking at. That being said, this blog is probably not a great representation of what a trip to Singapore could be. Regardless, we spent three nights there and definitely got a good taste of what this city-state is all about. We were surprised to learn that the official language in Singapore is ... read more
Little India
Orchard Rd
Science Center

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kintamani October 25th 2011

AS WE NEARED MUNDUK I breathed a sigh of relief – no more tourists, no more shops, no more people asking if we need transport - just the mountains, the mist, and us. It was the perfect place to relax, recuperate, and sip coffee while staring into the distance. So, that’s what we did. Munduk is a teeny tiny little village clinging to the slope of a mountainside in northern Bali. The village itself consists of only a couple small stands selling necessities, a few warungs and several home stays – all with breathtaking views. There are no attractions in Munduk other than nature, which for me are the best kind. Several waterfalls, coffee plantations, and a few rice fields are nestled in amongst the mountains. We chose a cute little collection of bungalows to ... read more
Village Of Munduk
Rainy Gardens

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud October 10th 2011

After crashing in the small backpacker town of Padangbai for one night we made our way to Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali. People absolutely rave about Ubud, and with good reason. It is very well located – within close reach of most of Bali’s big tourist attractions - rice terraces, temples, volcanoes and other holy sites. It is also safe, clean, and comfortable and offers a lot of creature comforts – restaurants serving Western fare and tropical resort style cottages for $15-$30 a night. It is an easy place to stay for awhile. The only problem is that it is completely and totally filled with tourists.They are not the annoying kind like in Kuta – they are families and couples on holiday from all around the world – but still, they are tourists just the ... read more
Hanging Out
Touring The Temple

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Lembongan October 2nd 2011

IF I HAD A VISION of what Bali would look and feel like Nusa Lembongan was it. Nusa Lembongan, a small island of the southeast coast of mainland Bali has stunning beaches with crystal clear water and misty views of Gunung Agung (Bali’s largest volcano). Seaweed farmers in straw hats lay their wares out to dry on the beach, roosters crow, stray dogs roam, young kids zoom by on motorbikes, and bright orange temples blast Balinese Hindu ceremonial songs from their speakers. And best of all, the locals far outnumber the tourists. As we climbed off the boat in Nusa Lembongan I noticed a man holding a sign with the name of our hotel “Star Two Thousand” on it. Underneath the hotel name the word “KLERYAL” was written. I had called ahead for a pick-up from ... read more
Ocean View
Waves Crashing On The Cliff
Sunset Beach

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta September 23rd 2011

For years now I have been dreaming about Bali. Literally dreaming. Ive had several dreams where I was in Bali and it was time to go home but I didn’t want to leave and I would wake up feeling really sad. Now, I'm here for real and like in my dreams, I don’t want to leave. Bali is a million things rolled into one – stunning beaches, traditional villages, pot holed streets, stone carvings, terraced fields, raging night clubs, stray dogs, Hindu temples, and smiling people. It smells of the sea, incense, and occasionally – sewage. It is both traditional and modern. Both peaceful and frenetic. I love it. Getting into Bali was an adventure in and of itself. From Tokyo we flew to Hong Kong for a one night layover. We had absolutely no idea ... read more
Yummy Balinese dish
Don't Ask!
Small Hindu shrine/offering

Asia » Japan » Tokyo September 12th 2011

Everything in Tokyo is bright, loud and a little bit wacky. The television shows are positively absurd, the advertising is - in your face - loud, the signs are blindingly bright, even the labels on food items are colorful and quirky. The fashion is off the hook, the food is plentiful and delicious, and the buildings are chic and modern. And everyone bows... a lot. You bow to say hello, you bow to say goodbye, you bow to say thank you, you bow to say thank you again, and then one or two more times for good measure. After about 16 hours of traveling a grubby and bleary eyed version of Travis and myself stumbled into the sleek, modern Tokyo airport. My first impressions of Tokyo was it was very similar to the United States, but ... read more
Yoki, Kana and I
Volume Salon in Harajuku
Volume Salon in Harajuku

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