Christie Larson


Christie Larson

To my friends, I travel extensively, but with only 19 countries down, I haven't even begun yet!!!

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich October 2nd 2009

The first trip we took while working in Germany was to Oktoberfest. I knew three coworkers, also from DC, that were working in Heidelberg, Germany at the time. I convinced a coworker working with me at Ramstein (Bill), to come with us. We all drove down to Garmisch, Germany together. Hotels in Munich were sold out and train tickets were super cheap so we decided to stay farther out. The mountains in Garmisch were the first I'd ever seen - the real, tall, snow capped mountains that everyone wants to see. They were amazing and I couldn't stop taking pictures! We went to a bar the first night (Peaches?!) to have some dinner and do some dancing. I think this was the beginning of a connection for Bill and I. Since we were working together, I ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Ramstein-Miesenbach September 18th 2009

The second trip to Germany for work was also to Ramstein, Germany. This time, there were about 9 coworkers assigned to the same location with me. As it turned out, there were about 6 people that were fun to be around/travel with/drink with, as well as three different coworkers I already knew that were nearby in Heidelberg, Germany. This trip was by far the best time I've ever had on a trip. All of the coworkers ate every meal together, traveled together, and drank together. While I was from the DC area, another coworker from Boston was the only person my age. As it turned out, within two weeks we were basically dating. Bill and I traveled every single weekend together and are still together today. All but one of the trips within this time period ... read more

At the very end of my Germany trip, but old roommate came to Germany to visit me. Initially I was trying to plan an awesome trip to Italy for the week she would be there, but one night - after drinking at an Irish pub, I realized she would be visiting during St. Patricks Day. What choice did I have? We had to go to Ireland! Ryan Air is amazing and we had roundtrip tickets to Dublin for under $100 each. We flew into Dublin to stay in the city center on the outskirts of Temple Bar for about three days, including St. Patricks Day. My roommate was the planner of the two of us at the time and I was more relaxed and figured I'd see whatever I came across. We saw a ton of ... read more

Luckily, while on my first trip to Germany, my mom and step sister were able to fly over to visit me. Tickets at the time were super cheap - under $500 round trip! My mom's dream trip was to go to Paris. We originally booked a weekend trip through a travel agency on the base, however, not enough people signed up and we were left wondering what to do. The travel agency helped us set up a DIY trip via train to Paris. We were able to get on the ICE train and it only took about 2.5 hrs to get to Paris. The train was insanely fast - we tried to eat breakfast in the dining car (standing only!) with dishes flying everywhere. Once we got there, I had the minimal knowledge from the first ... read more

Now I'm not the 'solo' traveler type. Never have been and don't really see it in my future. Aside from not feeling safe as a single female traveler in a strange country, I just simply LIKE having a travel companion. Someone to talk to, eat meals with, share experiences with. That being said, when I was chosen to go to Germany for work for the first time, I was hesitant to go. While I was going to be going with 5 other coworkers from around the country, I'd never met any of them. What if they didn't want to travel on the weekends in our spare time? Could I really do it myself? I wasn't willing to just sit around and not see the sights. I realized I couldn't pass up the opportunity and in Jan ... read more

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