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17th March 2011
Our guide Jessica

hello my name is JESSICA it is my picture i work in AREQUIPA PERU - COLCA CANYON IF YOU WANT TO VISIT PERU .. I WEIT FOR YOU ......E-MAIL good lucky
15th June 2010

Beautiful place
I have been following your blog since MachuPicchu and got impress by Las Pozas, I wonder if you can send me some pictures, well, I say some but actually I like them all. If you want me to pick I would say from 3 to 11 and 18. I must also say that I enjoy your style of writing, makes the reading nice, interesting and entertaining. Thanks for share those experiences and also show place where I would like to know some day and places where I won't such as Amazona's I hate mosquitoes. Looking forward for your next entry and of course, if it is not much to ask, for the pictures of las pozas. Enrique
15th June 2010

What a lovely entry!!!
Yay, I am so happy for you guys and what an awesome place to do it. Well done Aaron!!! I hope the ring is in Australia - will keep everything crossed until you get back and find the ring
6th May 2010

Machu Picchu
I am glad that you did not forgot to include me in your distribution list. After my experience in the Inca Path, I have decided to enjoy mountain scenery from the comfort of my couch, with enough cold beer, and AIR to inhale if you get my meaning. Good luck and please continue publishing your picture they are great. Enrique
4th May 2010

The pain
Excellent blog - reliving every step! It was hell, but fantastic memories - and I'm not sure I'd have made it to the top without you two, so huge thanks for that. Great photos too!
27th April 2010

I really enjoyed your Peru post. It reminded me of my time there. My blog is looking for travel photos. If you any time, email us some (like that che one!) at or check us out at Continued fun on your travels, Eric
11th April 2010

Jacinto y Florinda!! i am so happy to see your photos!! i believe you really made a wonderfull trip! i also had a really good time whit you both! was a trip whit a lot things to do and to see.. very good thing and i thankyou both because you are in my memory forever like two amazing people!!! for that i rename you!! jajajaa right now i studing for my test tomorow... so whish me luck!! I hope you continue enjoing your adventure in MI LINDO PERÚ!!! chau =)
30th March 2010

Hello from me!!
love the photo's guys and the reports sounds hot and fun but bit scary at times so proud it really is pretty cool what you are doing !! take real good care see you both soon . ps . all good here have a new job as employment consultant start next wk love yas ...xx
10th March 2010

so jealous!
It all looks so awesome guys, I am so pleased that you are having such a great time. I am so jealous!
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6th March 2010

who's not having hot showers
Scenery looks fantastic, I can imagine you Coley, fists clinched as shear drops down the side of a mountain. All the botanical plants look beautiful, simiar to the bird of paradise here! Take some clippings, I'm sure customs want mind. Looking forward to the next installment. Off to NZ on Tuesday 9th March 2010, to see Granddad - spending 10 days over there. Love you always and keep safe xxoo Mum
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28th February 2010

Hi Guys, This looks really awsome, love the mosaics! Did you hear about the earthquake in Sandiargo? Are you safe. Love Mum
22nd February 2010

hope you guys are having fun looks pretty god so far !!!take care !!
22nd February 2010

el guater (the toilet)
just as a general rule when travelling in latin america, you should expect to pay to use restrooms so it's good to have change or small bills, and always carry your own toilet paper as restrooms never have any. and what you had at your hostel is not really a traditional terremoto, which is a popular chilean cocktail. a regular terremoto consists of vino pipeNo (a kind of artesanal wine), fernet, and pineapple ice cream. the melon thing sounds good, but not normally in it (although chileans also do "melon con vino", which is wine and melon, just like you describe but you eat the alcohol soaked melon and drink the wine out of it. enjoy brazil, don't forget to have some caipirinhas! cheers!
18th February 2010

Who you calling a tree hugging hippy?
17th February 2010

Living the GOOD Life.
WoW, looked awsome out on the boat and hanging with the family. hope they are all going well miss u's have an awsome adventure. xoxox
16th February 2010

Looks like you had a great Farewell Party. Wishing you both a VERY EXCITING (and SAFE) journey. I'm looking forward to seeing the updates. My best wishes and love travel with you both. Mum XOXOXO
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