canadalee's Guestbook

12th April 2010

We love hearing about your trip
Hi Gracie. How are you? We saw your photos and think Canada looks so pretty but very cold. Oscar and Remy have gone to the farm with their Dad. Oscar was not happy to leave the Gold Coast. He caught a fish and Poppy caught a big crab. Sophia and Abbi are back at school tomorrow. You are sooooo lucky to have a big holiday and not have to go to school. How do you like your house? Do you get to see Stephanie much? Did she leave toys for you and Kit to play with? We went to watch Abbi do her cheer leading at the Titans game on Friday night. It was lots of fun and we took malee. Poppy stayed home with Remy. Tell Dad and Kit the Brisbane Lions won at the Weekend. We will write again tomorrow. Hope you get this. Lots of love Malee and Aunty Nat x x x PS Poppy H is at work in Inverell but he will be back at the Weekend.

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