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15th March 2014
The minaret

Very nice
This is so great. This architecture was so good. I am glad to be here in this place. Doing this sculpture was very hard. Rarely we can find this type of sculptures in India. Thank you.
11th February 2014
Mongolian grasslands

jak w Polsce
20th February 2014
Mongolian grasslands

Wow !
Really? ... I never imagined Poland to be like this ...
14th January 2014

Your writing has a freshness of it\'s own. I simply loved this one. I could actually imagine every tiny detail in my head as i read it. Keep up the good work :)
27th January 2014

Thanks Shubhi !
I'm really glad you thought so :) I keep resolving to be more consistent with it.. and your feedback makes want to keep at it!
1st November 2013

good passage
Hey, I like the way you have described a lot of the entire trip. Must have been quite an experience. How I imagine I could meet someone like Willy someday.. But I feel sometimes the mystery is a part of the essence of the journey... try and hold back a little sometimes :) Sometimes what you dont show is more important than what you write :P Keep it up
2nd November 2013

:) Thanks Naren! I understand what you're saying, its probably this balance of descriptions that inspire but not give it all away.. That's great feedback ! thank you !
24th October 2013

walls are everywhere!
Walls are needed to protect, to demarcate, to keep outside things out and retain those within. But they need to be broken up to bring in change. The Chinese made it may be for some of the above reasons, but it did not keep the Mongols out. It was too huge and difficult to maintain and guard. But then in China, everything is planned and executed in such huge scale. Its mind boggling. Even today the tradition continues in their projects, the industrial capacities, in planning and strategy.
25th October 2013

walls everywhere
Sure is... more than anything else.. just the fact that it was made!
6th September 2013

Your Urumuqi entry felt as if I am travelling in this area , beautiful. How about other days in the region , waiting to read
7th September 2013

You were with us mommy! :) cant wait for mongolia ;)
22nd July 2013
sea weed

Thats eaten too ?
5th September 2013
sea weed

yup ! :D
22nd July 2013
better clean ur hands first !

So hello kitty captured the Chinese market ?
22nd July 2013
Exotic fruits

Is that a hybrid Jackfruit or something ?
5th September 2013
Exotic fruits

I think it is a Jackfruit.. haven't tried it as yet
22nd July 2013

The bottle looks like a part of the girl's dress ! :D
5th September 2013

Hahaha ! I never thought of it that way.. but now that you say ...
22nd July 2013
Coffee cravings :)

Perfect combination !
22nd July 2013
raw material for the zongzi

Whats the Zongzi ?
5th September 2013
raw material for the zongzi

Its a traditional food made during the dragon boat festival. Bamboo leaves are used to wrap sticky rice with pork or other meats.
22nd July 2013
Is that what I ordered !? why so slimy :S

Dudeeeeeee ! This is just - Dudeeeeee ! :O
19th September 2012

I remember when we went to a flea market. We literally spent more time negotiating with vendors than finding things we liked. Really the joys of fining a great bargain.

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