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31st December 2010

My Marineland Memories
The scene has changed as you drive along A1A through the town of Marineland. Gone are those magnificent arches that were a Florida landmark for so many years. Gone are the oceanariums - the first of their kind in the world - and gone is the Porpoise Stadium where the world's first trained dolphin shows were presented. But the dolphins that made Marineland famous are still there - including "Nellie", the oldest living dolphin in captivity. "Nellie" will be 58 February 2011. Visit to find my memories of Marineland.
12th August 2010

mi linda ciudad
q lindo es mi quevedo, un beso para mi bebe a la distancia te extraño mija.
13th June 2010

214 Cities and going
214 Cities. This is a hobby I started at a young age...I hope my kids would continue this after I am gone.....Viva La Travel!
2nd May 2010

What a great place..
not just to visit... also a nice place to Live...
23rd April 2010

is there peace there yet
15th March 2010

moving to savannah
show the most quaint neighbourhoods
23rd February 2010

please helpme out
I am a Conch Republic passport holder and I have been looking to the countries I am entitle to go with this passport
23rd November 2009

Reasons for the seperation wall
The reason for the security fence was is the 1,500 innocent civilians who were dismembered, hacked, or burned alive during the terror war started by the Arabs. Since the security fence went up, there have been virtually no terrorist attacks. As soon as the Arabs stop murdering us, the fence will come down.
18th October 2009

Great job
Love these facts about Trenton. Keep up the good work ! A mom from the bizymoms Trenton community
22nd August 2009

excellent efforts of management
here i am happy to see how ideally managed these all buities of city . the credit goes to the mamanegent of mayer / his team . wish you good luck for making a more attractive to vistors regards munir ahmad - Pakistan
15th January 2009

I love nyc
I love nyc
4th February 2008

God bless!!!
1st February 2008

God bless!!!
8th November 2007

punto vernal
Cuál es la distancia del monumento al punto vernal? Sería bueno hacer un monumento exactamente en el punto equinoccial, que según entiendo es cerca del actual. ¿Cuál es la tribu que festejaba el equinoccio en esa región? ¿En qué consistía el festejo? Como complemento me gustaría conocer la posición geográfica de los dos puntos, obviamente su latitud es cero. Agradezco de antermeno sus gratas respuestas. Cordialmente, Eduardo Carriazo
20th September 2007

I miss this place!
Spent a few weeks here 13 years ago. Miss the friends I made there, fishing and playing soccer on the beach.
18th June 2007

Felicidades para todos los Padres Quevedenos en este dia tan especial a a la distancia.
18th June 2007

Mi Quevedo
Las fotos estan muy lindas gracias por haber tomado las fotos y por haber conpartido. Esta alegria de verlo donde yo pase mi infancia que anoro al igual mi esposo Xavier Cajias. Besos y abrazos para todos los quevedenos.......
12th February 2007

i LOVE Chicago!!!!
i was born and rasied there for a while and even thow i no longer live there i go there all the time and let me tell you if ur looking for some where nice to go Chicago is the number 1 place you can ever go!!!!!!!!!!!No matter how old you are as long as you know how to have fun
7th January 2007

ciudad en crecimiento
El desarrollo economico de babahoyo es desordenado no es pobreza es falta de capacitacion, en esta ciudad la gente en buena sin ninguna maldad hacia los turistas, gente noble y gentil.
21st November 2006

The last five years, my husband and I have taken our vacation here. The people are very friendly and we love going somewhere warm in the winter. Plus, you do not have to leave the United States.
15th November 2006

6th November 2006

fantastic photos
30th May 2006

I loved staying here for a week me and my friends had so much fun visiting this beautiful country I want to go back very sooon and cant wait till I can I love the people they are soo nice and it was an amazing trip of a life time..... THANKS AMBATO!!!

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