Clare Whistler


Clare Whistler

So, I'm finally off to Tanzania for two months this summer, where I'm volunteering with with Support for International Change (SIC), teaching about HIV & AIDS out in rural communities in local villages and schools and living in a homestay with a local family.

I'm aiming to update you all with my news/any stories etc... will add photos if I can work out how to use this account, or if it lets me out there for that matter!

Clare xxx

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Ngorongoro August 14th 2011

So, I'm off home tomorrow - and for the most of you reading this I'm probably going to catch up with you properly and give you all the deets!! Zanzibar was a great break off village life, paradise- white sandy beaches, palm trees and the bright blue indian ocean! Certainly had my fill of eating over the time spent in Kendwa, topped off with lots of fresh fruit and a few cheeeeky cocktails - which were probably far too alcoholic for my own good!! We spent 3 days in Kendwa, one of which was a snorkling trip where I have never felt so seasick in my life....Emma was actually sick... but having a swim and looking down at all the fishes and coral below was pretty! And then we got stung by several jelly fish....JOY!! This ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City July 29th 2011

Ok, so after an epic safari, headed back to the villages for 10 days ... it was a week of hard work, we managed to fit in lots of teachings to schools, community groups etc and have organised our big SIC testing day for next Wednesday, advertising it as SIRI, BURE free and confidential! Hopefully there will be a record turn out ... so teachings went really well, teaching reproductive health to 150 girls in a primary school classroom was certainly a challenge, 30 footballers the same day, some life skills and their goals and dreams, related to why its so important for them to stay healthy etc, we made a paper chain of all of them which they loved - im definately racking up my numbers of african gap yahhh photos hah surrounded by ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Ngorongoro July 18th 2011

Ok, so an update, for practically the last month. I have my excuses. I havent been near a computer for a while...also apologies for the lack of apostrophies....i cant find them on this exotic tanzanian keyboard. So I guess, there is a lot to update you with. We finished pre field training at Peacehouse, splitting up into practise teaching groups to work out how we were going to teach various groups of people..... village elders, school kids etc etc. Finally we got split into our REAL teaching groups for the villages. MARUVANGO is my village, i have a group with 6 other volunteers, 3 other americans and myself, as well as two teaching partners.... We moved to the ward of Leguruki - and moved into our homestays.... Baba Marco is my dad, he is a farmer, ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha June 25th 2011

DAY 3 - ORIENTATION We headed off to Peacehouse, our base for the next 1.5weeks of orientation. Peacehouse is a secondary school where kids go whose families have been affected by HIV AIDS. We all had to sit next to a teaching partner on the bus to build upon our TNZ, Westerner relationship. I sat next to Elibahti who is studying Law at Arusha Uni. The journey was about 20mins, we were all mixed up into Dorms of bunk beds and skinny foam mattresses before having lunch and heading to afternoon lessons. Routine over the past weeek has been pretty similar- wake up 7am, SWAHILI lessons from 8am-10am, led by Nai, our teacher where we have sung songs, learnt greetings, verbs and tenses, weekdays, numbers, food, market lingo, before being given homework each night to do! ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Ngorongoro June 25th 2011

So, the beginnings of my travel blog and entry from week 1! After arriving in Nairobi, we had to wait around for a few hrs before getting our 5.5hr transfer to Arusha on Impala bus which involved a border crossing between Kenya and TNZ, a police official check, ensuring there were no stowaways and a quick pee stop along the dryest, straightest road extending into the distance, dotted along it with Maasai villages - it was interspersed with v.bumpy diversions. Once we arrived in Arusha, a large town in Northern Tanzania - we were greeted by Dan, an SIC coordinator - piling onto a truck we headed off to Centrehouse, our hostel for the next 2 nights - where Parker and I shared a room with Peggy and Princess Daisy, 2 other volunteers... We all walked ... read more

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