Wendy R Taylor


Wendy R Taylor

I have recently gotten the great fortune to travel around the world via my job on a major Cruise Line. I am from the United States and had not done much World traveling prior to Summer 2010. Now I have a travel bug and a great approciation for culture and people.

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad February 13th 2011

Aruba was picturesque and clean. we were in the Capital os Oranjestad, which is also primarily a port city. There were all of the common high end shops and chain restaurants that are often found in the popular port cities. I chose to walk around the lcoal offerings and found the city to be charming. The iguanas there are gigantic and will make you do a double take. A 20 min cab ride will take you to the Resort portion of the island. The beaches are clean and there are several that you can pay a flat price for and do an all inclusive day on the beach -- totally worth it if you want to splurge. There is a quasi street market, but I dfound it to have all of the standard gifts that oyou ... read more
Hidden Beach
Palm Trees
Super Sized Iguana

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas February 13th 2011

One of our Ports of call was Puntarenas, Costa Rica. The sand on the beaches had a black hue due to the volcanic ash/activity on the island over the years. The people were nice, but there did not seem to be any affluence in this city. Scenically, the mountains in the distance were beautiful. There was a small market right off the port -- unlike the other Central American ports, the vendors were ot agressive or pushy. There were a lot of handmade items that I did not see at other port markets. All of the guided tours offered for this port were 2-3 hours away by bus and it became obvious that this was because there was not a "tourism" focus in this city. I found that very few people in this city spoke even ... read more
View from the Ship
View of Mountains
View from the Beach

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama Canal February 13th 2011

Crossing through the Panama Canal was an amazing journey. We relocated one of our Cruise Ships from Port Canaveral, Florida to the port of San Pedro, California. On January 12th, 2011 we journeyed through the 3 lock systems that make up the Panama Canal. The schedule for the day was as follows: 6:20 - 8:05AM Pass through Gatun Locks 1:05 - 1:55 PM Pass through Pedro Miguel Locks 2:25 - 3:35 PM Pass through Miraflores Locks 4:30 PM Pass under the Bridge of Americas In between the Gatun and Pedro Miguel locks were a chain of lakes that were about 24 miles across. The waters were extremely muddy --due to something that happened to the canal waters in the monthes before our arrival. The heat was brutal -- much like a rain forest and staying hydrated ... read more
Gatun Lock 2
Gatun Lock Pilot Boat
Waterway between Gatun and Pedro Miguel

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