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Europe » Switzerland December 18th 2011

Ashley got arm water on the plane, ewwww (an after reading this entry a few months later, we're not really sure what this means). When we landed in Geneva we took the free train downtown which only took 6 minutes!!! We decided to leave our bags at the train station and wander around the city. We found a bridge that was built through the water so the water was actually higher than our feet. After strolling through the old city center we stopped for tea and cake (23 CHF!!!!) at the Laughing Teapot. The cafe was cute and quaint; a must-do for tea and cake lovers everyewhere. When we tired of walking around the city we planned our route to the hotel. Ashley found the hotel through Hostel Bookers and it was close to the airport, ... read more
Chateau Chillon
Gearing up for battle
Maybe just step back a little

Europe » Ireland September 30th 2011

London (Ashley's holiday) Time in London was a whirlwind as usual. The highlight of the first night was tea at Fortnum & Mason's and a guided tour of Buckingham Palace where we saw Kate's wedding dress. It was stunning to say the least. But during our time in the big city, we also went to a jazz concert in the crypt of St Martin in the Field (now, that was a neat setting for a concert), the stage version of Legally Blonde (which was really, not surprisingly, corny) and The 39 Steps (which was a hilarious story of murder and intrigue set in the 1920s or 30s). I highly recommend it. We also went rowing on the Serpentine in Hyde Park and had breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien which is a delicious Belgian bakery/cafe. Ireland... read more
On Rathlin Island
Lean into it
I'll take the High Road

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 21st 2011

Oktoberfest We headed back to the south of Germany once again on the 15thof September 2011. Our destination this time was the renowned festival in Munich; which we had planned on attending with our Australian roommates. We headed down a few days early to get cheaper flights, and didn't bother making sure we had a place to stay since Dan had family that we could visit. Due to lack of planning (although not lack of intent to plan) we found ourselves checking into a hostel when we couldn't contact them. We decided now was a good a time as any to find the apartment we'd rented in order to find out when we could check-in on our booked arrival date. We were offered the room that night for a reduced rate. With the original rate being ... read more
Counting down
Let's get this party started
Beer porter

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh September 4th 2011

The month of August turned Edinburgh into a mad-house. Despite the, generally acknowledged, poorer than average weather this relatively small European city is certainly a pumping party town for a surprisingly large part of the year. I always thought that it was all the Edinburgh Fringe Festival that really kicked things off, but there are things happening year round: The International Film Festival (We saw a couple movies; Angel's Crest stuck out the most as a heart-wrentcher that really makes you think about perspectives) The Jazz Festival Art Festivals International Festival Book Festival Story Telling Fest Military Tattoo And the Fringe Festival We'll focus on the last two here since they were the main reason we decided to leave our luxurious highland home for the big city. The Tattoo Dan started to not... read more
The procession
The Dutch on their bicycles
...and playing their instruments

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh July 30th 2011

It's been a crazy time here in Edinburgh. We've been bad at updating the blog lately and so much has happened in the last few months that we thought we'd begin with our move to the big city. We moved here at the beginning of April. The first few days here were spent getting our bearings and job hunting; in other words, trying to figure out where the heck we could print our newly updated CV’s, walking around a ton and keeping an eye out for jobs posted in shop/bar windows. It was another exciting time - we didn't know what was in store for us on the job and sightseeing front in this new city. What surprised us was the amount of people looking for work here. And not just Australians and Canadians but a ... read more
National Gallery of Modern Art
Beltane Fire Festival
Tower Of London

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness April 4th 2011

Well, we've been in Inverness for a long time and figured we've posted about a lot of our trips out, but very little about the time we've actually spent in and around our temporary home. Here's a wee shout out to this town, and the wonderful people we've met while here (unfortunately not all of them, just some who left the biggest impressions). We arrived here September 4th, 2010 with no plans other than 'find work' and 'find somewhere to live'. We were exhausted after our 2 months of traveling and wound up lazing around most of the time. While slothing around the hostel we got to know the lads that worked there a little; there was managing Aussie Jeremy, Welsh Hywel (pronounced 'howl' from what we could tell), and another Aussie Lachie. There were also ... read more
Ooo, Ooo, a Cooo!!
Slight detour
Start your engines

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll » Isle of Mull March 12th 2011

Apparently, it's half the price to hire a car on the weekend from Enterprise and we both had 4 days off in a row so we thought it was a swell idea to drive down to the Isle of Mull and hop over to Iona where Ashley has wanted to take Dan for months now. First we had to make a pit stop at Urquhart Castle. You may not believe it but we've been so close to Loch Ness for the last 6 months and hadn't been to the castle. Ashley figured this was the perfect opportunity. The scenery around the castle is stunning as it looks out onto Loch Ness. Urquhart Castle was blown up in the 17th century so the opposing clans couldn't use it anymore. The ruins remain and there's a visitor centre ... read more
Inside Urquhart
Dunolie Castle

Europe » Portugal February 20th 2011

Warning: This is our most ridiculously long entry ever. We arrived in Faro after dark but when we found a map Dan navigated us to our hostel with ease even though Ashley looked at the map and could only see a jumble of windey crazy streets. Our first experience talking with a local was delightful. The receptionist at the hostel was one of the friendliest, most helpful people we've encountered (family members not included) so far; it was hard to get out of the conversation so that we could get settled. Once we were settled in our room she directed us to a lovely family run restaurant not far from the hostel. Dinner was amazing. We had appetizers, 2 main dishes, a ‘jug’ (not a pitcher or a bottle) of wine, 2 espressos and dessert for ... read more
Storks in Faro
Bone chapel

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Stirlingshire » Stirling January 30th 2011

We really feel like we haven't explored the UK to its fullest extent so whenever we have the same days off we try to get away from Inverness and see all that this small island has to offer. Our latest UK experience was in a road trip to Stirling. We began the morning by renting a car for maximum flexibility. We drove down the south end of Loch Ness toward Fort William, stopping at Foyers to see the Falls of Foyers. Even though we've seen so many waterfalls by now, they are still so breathtaking. We never pass up the opportunity to enjoy a nice waterfall. After walking to the fall we followed the path, "Squirrel Trail," that taught us all about red squirrels along the way. We ended up at a road and there was ... read more
Inverlochey Castle
Castle on an Island

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Gran Canaria January 16th 2011

As one can imagine, Scotland was getting a little grey and cold in the winter months. So, in December we decided that our next trip had to be someplace warm. Gran Canaria, just off the coast of Morocco, was the winner with the cheapest flight. On January 10th we packed our bags and headed for Glasgow where our flight took off from. Our trip began with a problem though. Our flight was at 6am so we figured we'd stay up as late as possible, then head to the airport and sleep there until check-in. We ate dinner at the Aussie pub Walk About and then found live music at The Box just down the road (only about a half hour walk), where we chatted with some colourful uni students. Then we went to the bus station ... read more
Sand patterns
I'm sinking...
We hopped off

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