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5th July 2016

Iguassu Falls the Magnificent
I have been there twice and would have loved to have gone with some of my favorite bird watchers: Wayne and Liz!!! It is hard to describe. The whole trip with you two was wonderful.
12th June 2016

That is so much fun! I did it in San Diego.
10th June 2016

Mountain Goats
I LOVE the mountain goats! Oh, love you too! Looking forward to the next entry.
14th March 2016

Great Blog! I feel like I can travel vicariously while reading it. Your write so well Liz! The Photos are beautiful too!! Look forward to the next entry.
4th August 2015

Great read
I enjoy so much reading about your travels. I can almost put myself there with you the way you write. I especially enjoyed the picture in today's blog post of rush hour. Keep posting. I look forward to reading more of your travels.
28th June 2014

You two always have such great adventures together. Keep making memories!
From Blog: Istanbul Day 1
24th June 2013

a great way to see new places
Your Mom shared your blog with us and I've enjoyed your trip very much. Where are we going next?
10th June 2013

coming home
It's been wonderful to read about your trip. If your coming home on Monday (today) there is rain and thunderstorms coming through throughout the day. I hope you can fly in. I loved the pictures and reading about what you have seen. I hope we can hear more of your adventures at another time. I'm sure you have more to tell us.
16th February 2013

A dream
Hainan, Sanya is a dream. I want to be back there.
18th October 2012

Thank you
Thank you for sharing your trip very much. Next best thing to being there!
14th October 2012

Certainly enjoying your tour and comments. I think you should just keep doing this every day after you get home....tell us in detail about your day! Love to you both
5th October 2012

Hi Liz,
Clark and Georgie werre here, found your blog for me and I am reading one after the other. Your description of the theatre is something else!!!!
4th October 2012

Enjoying your trip..stay well. Love and prayers
28th September 2012

liz and wayne's blog
enjoying it very much!! Knew we would, as you're such a good writer, Liz!
26th September 2012

Thanks, Liz & Wayne...look forward to reading & seeing more...God keep you safe :)
25th September 2012

Love the blog!
Wayne & Liz~ Love the blogging and pictures. It will be so fun for us back home to be able to follow your trip and travel vicariously through you :) Have fun! Lorinda

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