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7th April 2011

Welcome Back
Welcome Back! You're quite the inspiration!
12th March 2011

Good news!
You do indeed know the reference! The Fly is what I was talking about. Great minds think alike! :)
From Blog: Five Passes
9th March 2011

I don't know about the Brundlefly reference but the lost nail reminds me of this one movie The Fly that Jeff Goldbloom was in. I watched it when I was really little, but I remembered that his nails came off when he was trying into the fly and the whole sticking to walls and the girl pregant with his mutant child. Clearly it made an impression on me. Five passes Seven days... that does sound like an impressive tramping adventure. And I'm glad to see that your new best friends the Sand files did not miss the whole experience.
From Blog: Five Passes
5th March 2011

serviving Ivory Lake Tramp
Nick I can't believe the difficulty all of you endured during that lake tramp. It scared me greatly reading about it . I'm greatful its over and every one made it through with their life. I am also greatful I didn't know about it until after it was over. Please all of you take care. We are ever so proud of all of you and what you have accomplished during your adventures. A little less life threatening adventures sure would lessen my anxiety level abit. We are anxious to hear from you and Andrew again. always- Mom
2nd March 2011

I didn't realize you'd be dangling off cliffs with your fingers!
23rd February 2011
nick 021

I would not want to be that stick figure!
From Blog: Franz Josef
22nd February 2011

Sounds wonderful. Like another planet and yet so beautifully Earth.
From Blog: Franz Josef
13th February 2011

The top of One's Lungs
65 miles of walking will cause even the coolest of cucumbers to need a shower. Was the water black as it swirled down the drain? I love the pictures, and your appraisal of the scene at the only bar in town during a rugby match. Hope you could get your points of conversation across to the inebriated locals. I've noticed before that you tend to get straight to the point when you shout loudly, so I'm sure the human contact of the bar was not only welcome, but engaging as well. Tramp ON
7th February 2011

tramp on stewart island
The pictures of stewart island at various points are wonderful. Glad the tramp went so well for all. Keep the pictures and blog rolling Nick . We are loving every minute reading and viewing your blog.
6th February 2011

Well... more tree-like? Similar to oat meal, but the spelling is different.
From Blog: Five Passes
5th February 2011
Photo 7

Awed by your travel adventure !
Hello Nick,Andrew-- Your Mom gave us your blog address so we are following your adventure in New Zealand. Your photos are awesome! What a beautiful and exciting place to visit! We'll continue to follow your progress. Have a wonderful time! God go with you on your travels. Love, Aunt Carol and Uncle Don
27th January 2011

Sounds like you're having a good time...I just have one very important question...what is "oak meal"?
From Blog: Five Passes
27th January 2011

Your photos all look A~ MA~ ZING!!! Glad you guys are having a good time! :)
From Blog: Five Passes
19th January 2011

Wow, I'm impressed by your positive attitude. Seems necessary in such a journey.
16th January 2011

Hey, glad you're having a good time, hope Chad's knee is ok, and hope those sandflies go away soon...
16th January 2011

It was very loud. We were a good 2 and a half kilometers away and heard the crashing sound through the hut windows. Pretty impressive stuff.
12th January 2011

beautiful country
Good luck on this next big tramp. The pictures are beautiful , well worth any aches or pains you have. Stay healthy and be safe. miss you both.
From Blog: Sick Days
12th January 2011

Woah, those crashes look intense. Was it loud?
10th January 2011

fabulous pictures. Keep them coming. Happy to hear you are enjoying your hikes!
5th January 2011

Worth It
Wow, what fantastic photos! The valleys looks so beautiful. I can see why it was worth it. Enjoy!
5th January 2011

Nick, I t sounds like an amazing way to bring in the New Year! Your journey may be off to a rocky start but I am sure it will only get better from here! Soak up every moment:) CHEERS!!!
5th January 2011
MG 3126

my bruised worrior
sorry It was so hard right off the bat. I hope the next trail tramp will be easier for you and you will sustain no further injuries. Wish i was there to help patch you up. please be more careful and surefooted . Loved the pictures.
5th January 2011

cool pictures.
Yes Grimance, heartburn, and hiccups--best hike EVER!!!! It sounds rough-- but you have survived--and to tell the truth I would have stayed at the hut for days... make a mini stay-cation there so you are stronger person than me. I can't wait to read about the next adventure. Take care of those legs. D
5th January 2011

kick the shit out of the pig
Now in long car rides you can say 'lets kick the elk.' I must say the elk, the car, and more important the three of you were very lucky in your brief incounter. I'm glad the flight went fast.
31st December 2010

Off to a great start! Have fun, dude, as all the RMFF will be checking up on you. Jonathan

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