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21st May 2010
Bloody Lane

its so sad how wonded people coudent haved any help
23rd January 2010

Thanks for sharing this interesting article and beautiful pictures. Regards,
12th November 2009

Nice story - much appreciated. Thanks. I'm in Budapest now myself-stunning view from the Marriott of the Danube, Buda Castle, and the Liberty Monument.
5th November 2009

What a great trip! I had completely forgotten about the woman losing her wallet. There is something to be said about a 4-5 Day vacation on a budget. Sometimes having to watch your wallet can force you to find other means of entertaining yourself without breaking the bank, and this trip proved that you can have a lot of fun without having to spend a whole lot.
4th November 2009

I'd forgotten how sick you were when you got back from that trip. Sounds fun otherwise.
23rd October 2009

Thanks for the response...
... but the current economic recession has hit Hungary very hard, driving down the worth of the forint. It is a very different situation than in 2008. Wages have fallen and jobs have been lost. It is not hard to believe that in the summer of 2009 the average income was around $300.
23rd October 2009

Just a correction, according to official stats the average net salary in 2008 was 105 000 ft, thus around 550 bucks...
7th October 2009

Thank You!
I couldn't find a lot of information about the Sky Tower online - I did not realize its connection to Mohonk Mountain House until I read your blog. Thanks for the well written and informative piece! Liz
31st August 2009

Unfortunately there are still creeps, even at sea.
30th June 2009

This was a great snapshot of your weekend at Mohonk. The photos turned out beautiful too. That last shot of Kristen is really great. I wish I could have gone with you all. The one thing that stands out tremendously is the scale of the place. I mean far away photos capture a part of it, but its the pictures of the courtyard and from inside the place that you really can tell how massive the whole structure is.

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