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6th March 2010

story writer
Hello I amworking ona story about a rivr trip up the Amazon and I am seeking information Re; the distance from Manaus to Macapa in river mikes. I like to keep my stories accurate and the 130 craft i am using cruises at 10 knots pr hr. Thank you land lock prisoner
2nd July 2009

Great to be home
Hi Tom and Alice, Good to hear from you. We are glad that you are enjoying Morgan Creek. Have you played the course yet Tom? Alice I'm sure you are having a ball shopping!! And isn't it awesome to be so close to your grandchildren. I am trying to hold Eric as much as I can everytime I see him, however he still doesn't let me feed him! Linda and Ken
1st July 2009

Hi Tom Great to hear from you and great to see you in Calgary . Hope to see you again before too long . I was in White Fish Montana with two buddies for three days . That is the extent of my world travels this year . Take care Your Buddy Freddie
29th June 2009

ALEXANDER THE GREAT...... Marvelous, wonderful and exiting city.There are some historical thoughts living in this country.People who should know the importance of the Egypt in this world, espesialy Alexandria.
8th April 2009

Hi Alice and Tom; You have had a fabulous year, I am sure that I am not the only one who has envied you. Keep me posted at to where you settle, who knows, I just might tract you down. Best regards, Mike
27th October 2008

We booked all of our guides, and most of the individual country trips, through Travel Companies. There is some security in this as they know who to deal with. For the most part we have been very happy with our guides in every location except a few. We did most of the bookings on-line and checked with several companies for price and "what's included" before choosing one. Look very carefully at the itineraries and when you are with the guide. We went with mostly "Private" tours. Us and a guide and driver or Driver / Guide. We did have a few small group tours ( 6 - 8 passenger bus but no Big buses except for long road trips with no stops for sight seeing etc. Have fun !! It's been quite the adventure for us. Tom and Alice
From Blog: Bogota, Colombia
27th October 2008

Hiring Guides
How do you get your guides? Do you use an agency? Do you wait until your arrival in a major city to hire a guide? I have enjoyed reading your blogs. You have had a fascinating trip. Thanks for sharing it with the world.
From Blog: Bogota, Colombia
28th August 2008

I am very much agree with you .Valencia is the beatifull place.
From Blog: Valencia, Spain
9th August 2008

the weather
I think we were lucky because between 13 and 22 june we had some sunny days... the prices for food are HIGH indeed (40eur per person) but was good...we stayed in 3 stars complain. We visit some little island (Coco Island, Felicite Island, Sisters Island) but the ocean was terrible ...we were so scared in a little boat... some pictures here:
From Blog: Seychelles
8th August 2008

Victoria Falls
I recently went to Africa for my honeymoon. I saw Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwe side and it was amazing. When you go to Johannesburg try to eat at Boma. It is a traditional African buffet. It was great to ab able to sample all different types of African food. You can check out my trip to Africa on, it is a site that I just started using to document my travels and find information about places I am going to. It is still in Beta, but its a cool site. Hope you have fun in Africa. Melissa
31st July 2008

i can believe that you went all the way to south africa and you didnt go dive with the great white sharks.....................
25th July 2008

South Africa
Your trip reminds me very much of the one we just came back from in May. We went to a couple of places you went as well. I thought SA was beautiful and would go back in a second!
11th June 2008

Place to visit in Prague
The thing in Prague, that should not be missed in Prague is Petrin Observation Tower, a smaller version of Paris's Eiffel. It is 60m tall, which doesn't seem to be that high. But adding the Petrin hill, which is 318 m high itself! Imagine overlooking the whole of Prague with panoramic view, which is just magnificent. The only thing that it takes 299 step climb to reach the viewing platform. When the weather is good and air is clear you can see the highest peak in the Czech Republic. There is a funicular service, which I really enjoyed too, from Ujezd street in Mala Strana which takes passengers up to the summit of the Petrin hill and the Observation Tower.Prague is good place for tourism actually. I didn't spent that much money and managed to have a really good hotel in the city center booked from Prague is the place to be!
13th May 2008

Visited Florence
I just returned from a trip to Italy and visited Florence. Too bad that you did not make it to the top of the Duomo. It is a great view. However you can also get a great view from the Tower next to the church and it is easier to climb. Check out my blog for some more information on the places I visited in Italy including Florence, the Chianti Region, Luca and Pisa.
From Blog: Florence, Italy
30th April 2008

Check out our albums at Chao Tom and Alice
From Blog: Madrid, Spain
30th April 2008

Hi from Andorra
Glad you are enjoying our comments. We will follow you trips as well. We only stayed in the Kyiv in the Ukraine. Stayed at the President Hotel. Rated 4 or 5 star but service wise a good 3 star. Good location and decent rooms. Very good hotel, if you are in Barcelona, was the Hotel D'Icaria. Very good 4 star. Decent location ( not downtown though ) In Madrid we were very comfortable at the Senator Espana. Great rooms and good location. We were at the Vincci Capital in Madrid for a few days but it's not nearly as nice as the Senator Espana. We booked on Expedia and got very good rates. Travel safe. Tom and Alice
From Blog: Madrid, Spain

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