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Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne May 16th 2015

I forgot to mention that just after we reached the A9 yesterday afternoon Bernie had an 'Oh no, I left the iPad on the floor beside the bed this morning' moment. Really??!! The more he thought about it the more convinced he was that he just could not remember packing it. I suggested that we pull over to check, but Bernie wanted to get us to the B&B in Béziers before it got any later and then worry about driving back to Avignon for the iPad if necessary. Of course that meant that we both spent the whole trip envisioning a drive back to Avignon. As soon as we pulled up at the B&B Bernie looked for the iPad ... which had been safely packed this morning. All that stress for nothing! We slept well and ... read more
The Porte Narbonnaise
The Comtal Château

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers May 15th 2015

This morning it was cold and windy in Avignon. It was so cold and blustery that Tatiana served breakfast upstairs in the house. We were told when we arrived that the venue for breakfast depends entirely on the forecast! It's hard to know why people act like Melbourne is the only place in the world that experiences highly variable weather; it was 30°C in Avignon yesterday and today the temperature will be lucky to reach 20°C. We are getting better at negotiating our way into the towns that we are visiting! This morning Bernie had picked out a well-located parking garage on a map of Nîmes that he found on the Internet and programmed the address into the Sat-Nav. The Sat-Nav duly guided us straight down the A9 and into the centre of Nîmes without us ... read more
Nîmes Arena from the front
Maison Carrée
Maison Carrée close-up

This morning was mild with a forecast temperature of 30°+ so Tatiana served breakfast in the garden which was lovely. After breakfast we headed over the Pont Daladier ... again ... this time to visit the Palais des Papes (the Papal Palace of Avignon) that was created during the Great Schism - a split within the Roman Catholic Church during the period 1378 to 1417. Effectively there was a true Pope in Rome and an 'antipope' who ruled from Avignon. It's much more complicated than that, but I'm going to look it up again on Google if I want to remind myself of the details. The Palace of the Popes is the biggest building ever built during the Gothic period. Built in less than 20 years, the palace stands in powerful testimony to the presence of ... read more
Palace of the Popes
Palace of the Popes and the Cathédrale
Palace of the Popes courtyard

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Arles May 13th 2015

This morning we had to pack up our bags again and continue on our way. We are going to miss Le Moulin des Pinchinats and our hosts Anne and Jean-Fraçois! This morning Anne served us dessert again for breakfast this time a delicious rhubarb and strawberry crumble. Bernie followed that with some muesli and yoghurt. I had upended my yoghurt onto my crumble to make sure that I ate my probiotics ... and could justify following up my breakfast dessert with a chocolate croissant. I will absolutely, positively not share an entree with Bernie at tonight for dinner! Since we travelled along the southern outskirts of Arles yesterday we thought that today's journey into Arles would be trouble-free I mean - we did a dry run yesterday, right?? Well, you would think so. We have been ... read more
Les Cryptoportiques
Le Cloitre Saint-Trophine tapestry
Le Cloitre Saint-Trophine Bell Tower

Today's entry starts with a Bird Nerd alert! This morning we set the Sat-Nav for Arles to get us heading in the right direction for the Camargue, a large wetland in the Rhône delta south of Arles known for its pink flamingo breeding grounds. It is also well known for the black bulls and white horses that are bred in the area, but we were more interested in its diverse bird life and especially the possibility of seeing a large flock of flamingoes. Jean-François warned us last night that the mosquitoes would be really bad in the Camargue so we stopped at a pharmacy on our way through Aix and purchased some tropical strength 'moustique' repellant. We reached the outskirts of Arles without any problems and continued on across the Rhône and then turned onto Route ... read more
Yellow irises
Taking flight, La Capelière
Landing in La Capelière

The rain shower this morning was A-MAY-ZING. Bernie dreams of having a walk-in rain shower so, before we came on holiday, I made some enquiries about how much it might cost to convert the standard shower recess in our ensuite into a walk-in rain shower while we were away, as a surprise for Bernie. O-M-G, the quote I was given was ridiculous! Who knew that it would cost around $20,000 to make some changes to the smallest room in the house?! Needless to say, Bernie is going to have to make the most of the rain shower here in Provence for the next three days. So we really enjoyed our showers this morning and then came downstairs to breakfast. There was already heaps of food on the table and then Anne came through from the kitchen ... read more
Saint-Sauveur Cathedral
Saint-Sauveur Cathedral Pulpit
Saint-Sauveur Cathedral Organ

We are moving on again today so this morning we took our last showers in the world's smallest shower recess. The Nice Garden Hotel has been a lovely oasis in the city of Nice, but the teensy weensy shower recess has been just a little bit annoying. I think it was tiled with 10cm x 10cm tiles so, by my reckoning, the shower recess was about 45cm square. Add in a tap assembly that pokes out from the wall 10-15cm and a shower curtain and you have the recipe for a rather uncomfortable shower. Still, it was hot and wet and did the job so I'm not really complaining ... just making an observation. Otherwise the Nice Garden Hotel was, well, very nice!! There are no trains to Nice Airport and, having seen how crowded the ... read more
Verdon River at Castellane
Chapelle Notre Dame du Roc from Castellane
Chapelle Notre Dame du Roc

This morning after breakfast we headed off on a day trip to Cannes. Once again we had decided to make the journey by bus so that we could see the sights along the way. Bernie had researched the bus to Cannes too and knew that we needed to catch the Bus 200 on the main street through town at Albert Rue. Damn it, we were in the wrong place for the bus again! We found a bus stop, but not one that Bus 200 stops at. At least we did find a map that showed the Bus 200 route; we just had to head back the way that we had come until we found the stop at Albert 1er. We have no idea what the difference is between a Rue and a 1er??! Because the bus ... read more
Cannes Castle and the Port
Tracey on the steps
Well nearly, the real ones are blocked off!!

Europe » Monaco May 8th 2015

The Nice Garden Hotel has a separate charge for le petit dejeuner (breakfast) of €8.00 per person. That seemed reasonable so we decided that we would have breakfast at the hotel rather than go out looking for something for breakfast. There was plenty of food to choose from - orange juice, coffee, cereal, yoghurt, salami, cheese, butter, jam and a basketful of bread and croissants - but, there was no fruit. We have been struggling to keep our vegetable intake up to scratch, but at least we have been consistently having two to three pieces of fruit at the start of each day!! We might buy some fruit to supplement tomorrow's breakfast? Today's sightseeing involved a day trip to Monaco on the bus. Bernie had done all the research and checked it again last night and ... read more
Anyone for a slice of cheese?
Nice garlic
Nice tomatoes

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Nice May 7th 2015

Today it was time to leave Italy behind and start the next leg of our holiday in France. After our last breakfast on the beautiful terrace at LaFavia 4rooms we re-packed our bags and hauled them to the station. It has been so much easier using the trains for the last three days without our bags in tow!! Our train to Nice from Milano Centrale was not until 11.10 am so at least we weren't getting in the way of peak hour commuters. As usual we allowed heaps of time so we were at Milano Centrale just after 10.00am and had to wait for our platform number to come up on the board. The platform number was finally put up, but only about 15 minutes before our departure time. We headed off to Platform 19 and ... read more
LaFavia 4rooms garden terrace
Nice beach
Sailing on the Côte d'Azur

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