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23rd October 2011

Hi Tinnie
Seoul was 1 among my earlier solo trips. Wasn't blogging yet then, and I must say the language barrier held me from being more adventurous. Time to go back, after seeing your photos!
23rd October 2011

Enjoy Korea!
I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying Korea! I lived there for a year and can safely say that it's one of the most wonderful countries... I miss it very much! If you get the chance, try to make it to Seoraksan, it's stunning! And I also had a similar experience at Hey Guesthouse, I would avoid any of the hostels in Hongdae... Continue to enjoy!! :)
23rd October 2011

Lovely photos!
I'm heading to South Korea next week, so reading your blog has increased my excitement about the visit! Look forward to reading part II and seeing more of your great photos.
14th October 2011

love love this blog. Remembered when I visited Seoul in 2002, didn't have any idea how fashionable Koreans were. Felt so out of place but so amazed with the people and the cuteness.
14th June 2011
Anawangin Cove

nice shot mam..
very informative blogs...
8th June 2011
Rock Piles

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8th June 2011
Stone Piles

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27th May 2011

Thank you!
Glad you find it amusing :) I'll try and look for the Forum, thanks :) Safe travels!
26th May 2011

Love this blog
Hi Tinnie, I've read this blog a couple of times since you published. It always makes me laugh. I enjoyed reading it again today. Great food photos. You should post some of them in the photographer forum. We have a thread on foods. Hoddeok with the bite out of it!
23rd April 2011

it's always fun with those guys =D Thank you Tita Lili, I haven't been able to catch up with everyone's blog...gotta have some free time :) cheers!
22nd April 2011

Happy Birthday, Tinnie!
all the best to you, Tinnie. looks like you had fun with your friends. cheers!
22nd April 2011

Thank you Kuya Aries ^^ @akolangnaman: no worries, we are as concerned as you ;) i assure you all the starfish were safely back in the sea after the picture taking - appreciate the concern =D
22nd April 2011

You are aware that starfish need to be in the water to breathe right? I hope you threw them back in there.
21st April 2011

Your photos seemed to show a very lovely and serene place. Happy birthday Tinnie !!!
4th April 2011
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3rd April 2011
Short stop at Anawangin Cove

i miss this place....
i wish i can visit anawangin again...great place.. ; p More power...
31st March 2011

How about the transportation from TreeTop back to Main Gate? What did you ride? :D I really want to get back home alive! XD
21st March 2011
The Plane & Mt. Mayon

Super photo - looks like something from a newspaper or travel magazine reporting on Mt Mayon!
12th March 2011
... the water so clear

Creative and clever photo
An image to inspire those who dream of lazy days on a tropical island!
2nd March 2011
A port with the Macau Casinos view

PIC15 is nice one.
so, you've been here. welcome back, again.
14th February 2011

Thank you for the comments guys :) Yes, there will be lots of domestic travels for me this year...can't wait! I'll try my best and write as I get too lazy most times ;)
11th February 2011

Thanks Tinnie for the wonderful blog -- I love all the photos; it really makes me miss the Philippines. Hope to be back soon, but pls keep providing us with blogs until then :)
5th February 2011

Nice blog
Very nice travel blog. Very tempting to go there too and feel the local atmosphere. You guys must be enjoying your adventure in good old Philippines.
3rd February 2011

hi tinnie
i'm too old to go camping and trekking. so i'd just seek my own adventures by reading your blogs :) happy ur writing and traveling again. don't waste those weekends, tinnie. Aaah, to be young again. I'd be doing more domestic trips this year. Wish I have your energy!
2nd February 2011

Thanks Tinnie, your blogs about your country always bring back happy memories to me! In this blog I particularly liked the tinned sardines which was a staple food for me too on my treks in the Philipines!

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