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Tim Squire

I'm a final year medical student from Sydney undertaking an elective term at a hospital in Pokhara, Nepal. This blog is to allow a permanent record of my travels, communicate with friends and family back home and give an insight into the health problems that the people of Nepal face.

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Havelock Island January 9th 2012

We went on an enjoyable snorkelling trip to Nicholson Island and Elephant beach. Highlights included: long tapered yellow fish, purple sea anemones, squirting clams and fluorescent fish. Every night we ate fresh fish at our favourite road side restaurant asking him what he had purchased from the market that day. This included whole Red Snapper, Blue Trevally and delicious lobster.... read more
Elephant Island
Milky Joe

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Havelock Island December 30th 2011

We arrived in Chennai at the tail end of a cyclone and the previous week people were trapped on the Andaman Islands where we were heading! The boat trip from Port Blair to Havelock Island was a little rough but nothing we couldn't handle by staring at the horizon. We stayed at a beautiful resort on a tropical beach at Havelock Island. The only noise was the loud crash of coconuts falling on the roof or a dull thud if they hit the sand. We spent a relaxing NYE here, with a few drinks (hard to come by). Our daily breakfasts included lassis and pancakes. We had a busy schedule of swimming, reading and drinking scotch and cokes in the afternoons.... read more
Havelock island
Havelock island
Havelock island

Asia » India » Goa » Colva December 28th 2011

What a pleasant change of temperature Goa was from the North of India! We lazed by our hotel pool and organised our flights. As we were still sick, I took the liberty of purchasing multiple medications for our possible parasite infection! The beach was pleasant with many places to eat along the way and it was reassuring to see the Indian lifeguards, baywatch style, in their red uniforms. It was interesting to note the high level of Christianity in the area, with many churches, crosses and stars along with Christmas decorations. Very different to the Hindu domination of northern India. There was delicious continental food at a restaurant next door to us which made a nice change from Indian food all the time, as delicious as it was.... read more
Delhi airport

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar December 25th 2011

Christmas Day in the car! We visited the Amber Fort in Jaipur which was amazing. Such a huge imposing structure, it looked like the Great Wall of China rolling over the adjacent hills. The Water Palace was also beautiful along with the Palace of the Winds (literally a facade). We arrived in Pushkar, a very holy city for Hindus, up there in importance with Varanasi. It was really nice and quiet compared to everywhere else we had been. It is also the site of the only Brahma temple in India. We couldn't take a photo of it unfortunately. Brahma's wife also has two temples on either side of the valley, we hiked up to one of them to get a nice view of Pushkar and its lake. As always we were shown the presidential suite at ... read more
Palace of the winds
Amber Fort
Amber Fort

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra December 24th 2011

We drove for many hours as the roads were terrible and we were in a very crap car that was rattling all the way. Finally, we arrived at the Taj Mahal! There were so many people there and we were herded around with whistles like sheep! It was incredibly beautiful, solid marble with thousands of inlaid stones. The car had a flat tyre three times, each time they were "fixed" on the side of the road, except it was the same tyre every time! Unfortunately Anna started feeling sick (an ominous sign) but perked up when we arrived at our beautiful hotel in Jaipur. Christmas Eve, but we dont feel Christmassy as Hindus aren't that into it!... read more
Humayun's tomb

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi December 22nd 2011

We did some shopping at the local market, trying to avoid the emporiums whilst being told by everyone "there are no markets left since the Commonwealth games, only emporiums!" One man was very grateful when we gave him a 15Rs tip for making a frame for a God picture we bought. It really hit home how poor he was. Got an auto rickshaw to India Gate at night and unfortunately Red Fort was closed but it was still impressive from the outside. There were many chai wallers wanting our business standing out the front of the monument as it was very cold!... read more
Rajasthan tour
Delhi traffic

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Varanasi December 20th 2011

After being frisked 5 times before boarding the plane (due to some high profile guy being on our flight) we arrived in Varanasi. Having been here once before I can still describe it as an "interesting sh*thole", no visit to India is complete without it however. We were told to just walk "straight" to find our guest house, which is common advice given by most Indians. In fact a couple of boys wanting baksheesh guided us through narrow alleys of urine, faeces, cows, rats and scooters to our guesthouse on the Ganges. The guys at Ajay's guest house were massive rip off merchants so do not stay here! This actually started a trend when we were travelling through North India which actually became tiresome...Anyway! The location was great, being right above Raj Ghat (one of the ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Swayambhunath December 18th 2011

After we said our goodbyes to Dida, the fruit store boy whom I always bought fruit and banana milk shakes from in the morning, we headed to the airport. The flight was delayed as usual due to fog. We visted Pashupatinath temple with the burning ghats and Anna was blessed by a Sadhu. Bodnath temple was a real highlight with the huge central Stupa and Buddha's all seeing eyes always watching. The next day we walked across Kathmandu to "Monkey Temple" Swayambhunath (which was made possible by more strikes so there was no cars on the road.) We also did some shopping for gifts for family back home. We went to Durbar Square to see more temples and also took a stroll down "Freak Street" which was famous for its hippy freaks back in the day. ... read more
Asian Tea House
Dida the fruit boy

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara December 17th 2011

Today Anna and I spent our last day in Pokhara seeing "Dirty Picture" with a couple of the Doctors I'd met at Manipal hospital, Sunil and Shankar (or Shanky Babu as I called him) At this time we struggled to get a cab into Mahendrapool where the movie theatre was as their were riots. One guy from a political party was killed in a jail. Therefore the whole of Nepal was on strike... Anyway, we were a bit anxious when we were walking past people throwing rocks at motorbikes and shouting but we were informed by Shankar that this happens "all the time in Nepal". The movie was a great experience in the filthy cinema with people smoking, cheering for the good guy and booing the baddie. Although the whole movie was in Hindi, we could ... read more
Dirty picture

Asia » Nepal » Uleri December 16th 2011

My beautiful fiancee has finally arrived! To celebrate I had a hair cut and shave which was an interesting experience, it included a face massage and honking my nose. Also, the communal sponge to wipe my face smelt a bit odd! We began our trek to Ulleri and were followed by manky mountain dogs along the way. This first day was particularly hard as the ascent was pretty steep. We found a tea house to stay the night in and enjoyed pooing into a pit. We entertained ourselves by watching the farmers outside our window go about their daily routines. We coined this show "Farmville". The next day we trekked to Ghorepani which was freezing cold! About -15deg at night. As we arrived early we walked up to the Poon Hill view point. We saw glimpses ... read more
Carom with Moneyram
The wool re-stringer

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