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Europe » Italy » Campania » Sorrento June 17th 2011

Brilliant sunshine greeted us as we woke up in Sorrento. The campsite at Nube D'Argento was lovely - bouganvillea everywhere and a fantastic pool and restaurant which we had taken advantage of when we arrived very late. The pizza was wonderful, and the cafe terrace looked over the pool and on to the sea. It was great to meet up with the Mathews family, who had travelled a little before us to Rome, and who had been spending some lazy days by the pool waiting for us to arrive. Steve had sussed out a boat trip to Positano which took our fancy, so after a quick breakfast we set off down to the bay in Sorrento. We wound our way through little lanes that later in the day became packed with shoppers. I was fascinated by ... read more
Sorrento from the bay
Swimming off the boat
Fun on the black sand, Positano

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples June 16th 2011

Having said goodbye to Godfather guy, it was lovely to sit in our own car and set off towards sunny Sorrento. We were keen to sort out our technology issues, so I worked out there was an Apple shop right on the way, in Naples. We had no phone that worked, and we needed one - along with a sim card for the i-pad, and a car charger for the times we might be camping and have limited access to a power point. Although traffic was a little scary, I managed to get us to the Naples exit, and that was where the fun began. The streets in Naples are very narrow, and we were in a brand new car and driving on the opposite side of the road. It's a little like being pregnant and ... read more
Newbies on the Autostrada
Waiting, waiting....
Strawberries, 3 Euro.

Europe » Italy » Lazio June 16th 2011

Our day started early today as we had tickets for the Vatican Museum at 8.30am. I had stayed up very late getting organised to check out, and of course, woke up at 4.30am then couldn't get back to sleep. It didn't matter at all though, as somehow the energy of Rome keeps you going. We set off to find a taxi with one last stop at the Trevi Fountain as one can never get enough of it, really. We love this place, so it will be hard to tear ourselves away. If there is ever a 'next time', I will know that we should spend at least a week here! Our taxi driver was a bit of a rogue, but nice all the same! I had forgotten to check whether he had a meter (and therefore ... read more
The Vatican Museum
"The Animal Room"
Vatican Museum Hallway

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 15th 2011

Rome in the morning is full of wonderful sights and sounds. We love opening the windows and shutters of our hotel room to let the fresh air and city noises in. The bread trucks, church bells, horns and scooter engines add to the excitement as we get ready for the day. Today was my treat. Mum gave me a bike tour of Rome for my birthday and we had organised it for the morning, thinking it might be a little cooler and give us time to do other things in the afternoon. We headed down to Bici e Baci near Piazza della Republica, and waited for Alessandra our guide. It was just to be our family, but at the last moment a lovely couple from Belgium, Wim and Natalie, joined us. They had left their children ... read more
A hidden Lane on the bike ride
Water fight at the fountain
Night time at the Colosseum

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 14th 2011

Well, we walked our feet off today. After leaving the hotel, it was only a short stroll to the top of the street to the Spanish steps (Spagna). At 8am there were hardly any people there, but it was already hot! We met a gladiator along the way, and had been warned to negotiate first before taking a photo - good tip. I loved cutting through gorgeous Via Frattina and window shopping, as there was no time at all for the real thing! (Note to self: don't forget to allocate shopping day next time you plan a trip!). Green is the big colour at the moment, and the Roman women with their dark skin and hair wear it well. We we took our lives in our hands every time we crossed the street - the drivers ... read more
Early morning delivery
Checking out the wolf illumination on the dome
Trevi Fountain, 10pm

Oceania » Australia » Victoria June 13th 2011

After a busy weekend getting organized and tying up loose ends we finally hopped into the car with Andrew Horrobin to go to the airport (Thanks Andrew!). Frank had spent half the night finalising his reports, so he was pretty tired, but all worth it for the luxury of 5 weeks off! The only thing that caused some angst was the eruption of a volcano in South America that threatened the ability of our flight to take off due to a volcanic ash cloud, but luckily everything went according to plan. Going through customs took some time, partly as it still takes Hugo a while to sign his name, so we waited patiently as he carefully signed his exit card. It was very cute and the comment from my brother Brad when I sent him the ... read more
Welcome to Italy!
Off to explore!

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne June 11th 2011

Hugo's reaction when the Travelex agent explained he would get only 312 Euro for his $500 pocket money was priceless. (He has been working for well over a year to earn it, so he felt as though he was being scammed). He argued the toss with the agent and the upshot was that we negotiated a rate that got him 350 euro. Until now it never would have occurred to me to bargain a rate with a currency exchange! We ran into the Chapman family buying pounds for their trip to the UK, and the children were really pleased to catch up with Robyn and Tom. Otherwise, today has been a whirlwind of organising International driving permits for Italy (Apparently we'll need them but who knows!), organising cash cards, making sure we have a spare camera ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria June 6th 2011

Well, as the days fly by we are becoming more and more excited about our trip. Despite having been planning for months, we find there is a lot still to do this week - like setting up our travel blog! This is my attempt to get it up and running. Wish me luck!... read more

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