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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ao Nang March 12th 2013

The Krabi province offers some of the most stunning landscapes we have ever seen, with limestone karsts protruding out of emerald waters, soft golden sand beaches and amazing sunsets, and it was with this in mind we made the boat-bus journey over from Koh Samui. When we did this journey over 2 years ago it was a nightmare, with a delayed boat and several bus changes and it took almost 10 hours. This time it was much smoother, as Lompraya now run this route, so it was one boat then one bus all the way to Krabi, and took just 4 hours. We were very keen to get back to ‘traveller mode’ so were thrilled when we found a decent room at a good price in the beachside town of Ao Nang and eyed up the ... read more
Rock formations in Krabi
On idyllic Phranang beach
Great sunset

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui March 9th 2013

We left Koh Tao during a torrential downpour hoping that by the time we arrived in Ko Samui the storm and bad weather had passed. After a relatively calm 2 hour journey at sea (well it couldn’t have been any worse than last time) we arrived at Nathon Pier at the northern tip of Samui to grey skies; the cockroaches-come-taxi drivers wanted an extortionate 550-700Bht for the journey to Chaweng Beach and after trying to tell us that no local transport run’s this route we managed to find someone who pointed us in the right direction of the local Songthaw’s (open sided bus). The journey took a little over an hour due to the amount of stops we had to make but at 75% saving on the taxi price it was more than fine. It is ... read more
Strolling along Chaweng
Buckets of Fun
Trading Vic's in!!!

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao March 4th 2013

While the overnight journey down south to the islands from Bangkok is always quite tiring and long, this one to Koh Tao was particularly bad. First, after waiting around for ages, we finally boarded the bus over an hour later than we were supposed to. Worrying that it wouldn’t make the 4am boat from Chumpon, which we had been assured was running, the driver must have had similar ideas and drove at break neck speed to get there in time. His efforts were futile though as we piled off the bus bleary eyed at 3.40am, as the 4am boat was clearly not leaving any time soon. We ended up sitting at the pier for over 3 hours in the pitch black just waiting, naturally without any staff around to give us updates on when the boat ... read more
Island sunset
Us in the clear waters of Nangyuan
Fire show

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 23rd 2013

After a fantastic three weeks in the Philippines, we flew back to Bangkok where we had splashed out and pre-booked a fancy hotel for a couple of nights as a treat for Scott's upcoming 30th Birthday, complete with big soft bed, real pillows, hot water and a tv - it was called Dream hotel and it really was a Dream! We always look forward to visiting Bangkok anyway but it was so nice to have a bit of luxury for the first time in ages and we really made the most of it, even though to get there from the airport we stuck to our traveller roots and took the train and metro instead of a taxi! The hotel was in the Sukhumvit area of the city and we chose to stay here instead of our ... read more
Cool VW street bar
Enjoying Bangkok nightlife
Hotel really was a Dream...

Asia » Philippines » Boracay February 21st 2013

When telling fellow travellers who we have met along the way in recent weeks that we were going to the Philippines, most ilicited the same response, 'You have to go to Boracay', and so many times we have looked at pictures and thought 'we really must go there, it looks amazing' etc, yet it was with mixed feelings that we made the long journey to our final destination of this Philippines sojourn. Why mixed feelings when we had heard so many positive things about the place? Well, if our time here has taught us anything, it's that we love to find secluded beaches and our own little paradises, we enjoy undeveloped places and peace and quiet, we like to mingle with locals, eat authentic food, not get ripped off by tuk-tuk drivers and not actually see ... read more
Having a few drinks with friends
This could be Boracay, or anywhere..
Beautiful beach in a rare sunny moment

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Sipalay City February 17th 2013

Sometimes the harder it is to get to a place, the better it is when you finally get there. Sweetly named Sugar Beach on the West coast of Negros was no different, and the long journey to find it was well worth the time and effort that it took. We made an early start at 8am and the 6 hour trip included a tricycle, three buses and a boat which was tiring, but after a lovely few days here we would do it all over again to spend some time in this special little retreat. We weren't sure if we would have time to make it here but we are so glad we did, even just for a few days, and as usual, we could have stayed longer and when the time came to leave we ... read more
Beautiful sunset
Awesome Driftwood Village
Lovely deserted beach

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Dumaguete February 13th 2013

After we had managed to tear ourselves away from idyllic Siquijor island, we took a quick ferry across to Negros and the city of Dumaguete. We weren't entirely sure what our plan would be from here, but we knew that in the next day or two we wanted to see the turtles around nearby Apo Island, so we headed to the infamous backpacker hostel that is Harold's Mansion to see if they had a room for us and to work out our options. Luckily we scored the last room and they also had a dive/snorkel boat trip going to Apo the next morning so we quickly booked on - this worked out better for us as it meant we could visit Apo as a day trip instead of making the journey over there and staying for ... read more
Apo island
On the boat - excited to see turtles!
Getting ready to dive

Asia » Philippines » Siquijor February 11th 2013

Mystery, magic, and magnificent beaches are amongst the highlights of this incredible island, and as like everywhere we have been so far in the Philippines, as soon as we arrived we knew that we would love it here. Siquijor (pronounced Si-Kee-Hor) is situated between the larger islands of Negros and Bohol, and known for its natural healers and old black magic traditions with Filipino people (some of whom are even afraid to step foot on this island), although locals are sceptical about the uses of such ‘herbal’ remedies, but we loved it for its picture postcard beaches, friendly people and chilled out vibe. It was quite a journey to get here, and as we were late arriving and had not expected to come to Siquijor today, we had nowhere booked, so we quickly phoned a local ... read more
Amazing beaches
Sunset on Siquijor - magical
How clear is that water!

Asia » Philippines » Bohol February 7th 2013

Our time on the island of Bohol, the 10thlargest in the Philippines, was short but ever so sweet and we had a fantastic adventure filled day which will stay with us for a long time. We had a bit of a drama getting here though…First the Banka boat, which was to take us from Malapascua back to Maya on the mainland, was moored about 100 metres away from the shore, so instead of getting straight on it, we had to pile into a small rowing boat with 10 other people to get to it first, and we had to pay extra for the privilege. Then everyone had to half climb/jump over on to the boat, then luggage was passed up, so all this took a while. When we eventually reached Maya, the boat docked again about ... read more
In front of the Chocolate Hills
Beautiful Butterfly's
Chocoalte Hills

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Malapascua February 5th 2013

As the title of the blog suggests, Malapascua is a place that we both fell in love with – However up until about an hour before we left, we almost cut-it from our itinerary completely due to all the bad weather forecasts we were reading online and the fact that to get there we would have to contend with a fairly long journey from Cebu. We decided to go with our gut instincts and try it out and if the weather was that bad, we could always move on. We first needed to make our way early to the northern bus terminal on the outskirts of town and board a yellow Ceres bus heading to Maya. This journey took around 4 hours but passed some spectacular scenery along the way, we then had to negotiate getting ... read more
Thresher Sharks
Typical beach on Malapscua
Night dive, ready for action . . .

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