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27th June 2011

Hi Ho!!
Best thing about coming to work is I get to read your Blogs. So far I get the biggest laughs from Scotts stories. Can't wait to hear about his fun trip home starting from the airport..... Sounds like you're all having fun and wish I could be there shopping and sunbaking with you!! (Can't surf so I'll leave that up to you guys). Chow for now Marina
5th April 2007

Big hello from Customer Service Team
So sorry it has taken me so long to say gidday. Hard to get a chance to put an email together. Rosemary is back and had a great time in England. Lynne is off today (Thursday) and won't be back until next Wednesday, her and Kev have gone to Coffs Harbour for Easter. Paul Roe has handed out his usual bag of easter eggs to everyone. I took a collection and we bought him a box of chocolates and some easter eggs. I left them on his desk for when he arrived this morning with a note from the Easter Bunny. He has been giving us all eggs for at least the past 10 years. He really appreciated the gesture! It is only 9.00 and everyone is eating chocolate!! Except me of course. This is Charmaines 4th week off work and when I went to see her last week you could see how much pain she was in. It got to the point last week that Lynne was telling her that she must just call the ambulance to take her to hospital. She has been to her doctor 9 times and has had a catscan. Her doctor said she has 3 slightly damaged discs and that she would need an MRI. So she has been waiting to get in for the MRI, even if she paid for it herself she was told she would not get in until May. Well, her cousin Maree went to see her last Saturday 31.3.07, and took her straight to hospital and demanded that she be admitted. She spent all that day and the next in casualty on morphine and then admitted to a ward. A neurosurgeon went to see her and asked where her MRI results were. He was told she still hadn't had one so he wanted to see her catscan. He couldn't believe it, he said she doesn't need an MRI she needs to be operated on TODAY. The catscan showed him clearly how bad she was. Her right leg has been numb for weeks and she lost all use of the leg. The doctor has said that she may never get back complete use of the leg. Have spoken to her in hospital and she sounds so much better because she is out of pain. Of course her back is sore because of the stitches, but she is out of that excruciating pain she has been in for weeks. She can even put her foot on the ground and limped about with a walking frame which is more than she could do before, but it is still numb. Charmaine is also going to be a grandmother, her son Lee's girlfriend is due in August. Bit of a shock but Charmaine said Lee is really happy. Stopped writing for about 10 minutes because we just drew the Easter Raffle.......................Paula Clark won 1st prize, Ken Follett won 2nd prize, and Viv won 3rd prize. Weather is beautiful here at the moment though the forecast for the Easter break is not good - rain till at least Sunday. Daylight saving is finished so it is getting quite dark by the time I get home which is horrible. Well thats about all the news I can think of. Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time - loved the photos!! Take care Sharon xxx
28th March 2007

Hi all You can have a shower at the central rail station Cheers Jerry
19th March 2007

Get back to work!!!
If you think we appreciate hearing about the snorkelling, the crystl clear water, the fishing and the freakin sushine while we are here in the rain dealing with complaints and teachers you are sadly mistaken. Get your ass back on the first plane and get back in here. How much time off can 1 person have - you "hurt" your leg to get some time off and now this?? Seriously though - sounds like paradise - have a great time and try not to get too burnt.
27th February 2007

How Could You Scott Williams????
As if you two georgeous people could have children like that. How could you do that to your children. You are going to give me nightmares!!

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