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12th September 2011

FANTASTIC pictures. You have been to some amazing places, we're jealous.
14th April 2011
Rarotonga greenness

On the bucket list.
Oh wow! You aren't kidding. It is definately Greenness. Love the shot!
27th February 2011
Flying Sea Turtle

Wonderful picture!
15th February 2011
Belize - Punta Gorda, dark skies

Punta Gorda is my home and this picture makes me think of the oceans to much. I miss Belize so much.
14th February 2011

Thank you
Thank you Mell :-)
14th February 2011

Blog of the year, 2010
Congratulations! :) This blog was nominated one of the best of 2010, in the Oceania/photography category. http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/27154-1.html
3rd January 2011
Otago Peninsula

Great picture, one of those 'wish I was there' pictures.
30th November 2010
Burmese refugee camp near Mae Sot

Miss my friends in refugee camp
hi how are you? i know this refugee camp before i live in this camp but now i am in U.S.A when i see this picture i want to go back to Thailand and visit my friends now i miss my friends so much :)
17th November 2010
Burmese refugee camp near Mae Sot

hi how are you?
19th October 2010
Pyramid of the moon

19th October 2010

It just happens
Teun, I am really sorry to hear what happened to you. I have just travelled across Central America for the past five months, and never had a similar experience, although in the beginning I was very worried after hearing and reading about similar accounts. I always figured that I would never be so naive, but reading your account just how easy it can happen was an eye-opener and I think I was very luck in hindsight. Loosing all pictures is the worst I guess, bit as you said you have all your memories, which nobody can ever take away from you... Ben
13th July 2010

Sorry to hear about what happened.. pictures are one of the worst things to lose.. I got my camera stolen with just two months of travel, but I lost three memory cards with it as well. Luckily, you have the best ones up on Travelblog. Thanks for a wonderful blog!
30th June 2010

Good not to be a hero
Dear Teun, I am sad to read this Blog. It was definitely good not to try to be a hero. Thank you for letting us share your travel experiences. Sorry for your pictures but the most important things are in your head.
30th June 2010

Very enjoyable
Hey! I enjoyed reading your blog. I will be leaving miserable England and following your footsteps around central america very soon. Although an unfortunate ending, it certainly sounds all worth it. I found it inspired me greatly. Thanks. Enjoy your memories! Jonny
23rd June 2010

Ontzettend sneu
Ha Teun, wat een vreselijk einde van zo'n geweldige reis zeg. Zo zie je maar weer..... Ik heb met veel genoegen je web blogs gelezen. Wellicht tot ziens bij Equens. Groeten Bert
21st June 2010

wat een kater!
Jee, Teun wat jammer dat het zo abrupt voor je moet eindigen Gelukkig is het verder relatief goed afgelopen en ik kan me voorstellen dat dit gewoon je overkomt na al die geweldig positieve ervaringen die je juist hebt gehad onderweg. Wel een waanzinnig avontuur dat je hebt meegemaakt en dat pakt niemand je meer af! Geniet lekker na en van het gezelschap van iedereen die weer reuzeblij zijn dat je er weer bent. Ik heb in ieder geval erg genoten van de je web blogs! Groetjes aan iedereen daar, Marike
20th June 2010

Great Blog
Tony, Thanks for keeping us up to date! You've made a great blog. Jean
20th June 2010

So sorry to hear this...
I really enjoyed following your blog the last few months - I know the loss of the photos is the most devastating. Good luck with the insurance company. The main thing is that you got out of the situation safely and unhurt - everything else can be replaced...
10th June 2010

Tony, As we all miss you (Stones) very much, I'm wondering what your plans are for the last travelling time.... Will you be home in about a month?
9th June 2010

great pictures baby!!!
3rd June 2010
Utila sunset

Love it
Gorgeous! Really a perfect picture. Congrats.
2nd June 2010

Started reading the blog post entry you were working on when we met at Le Posada del Rey in San Salvador today...I hope your road trip to Honduras is fun...
1st June 2010

I've been enjoying your photos and posts still. These pictures from Utila are amazing! I hear good things about El Salvador, especially about the food. I love pupusas and I'm curious to see if they eat a lot of them there! Keep enjoying yourself! I look forward to reading more about your trip! Heather dirty-hippies.blogspot.com
29th May 2010

Ik raak de weg kwijt, je bent op zoveel plekken geweest! Te gek, die duikgaten.

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