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31st October 2017

What time of year did you visit Bello and for how long? Did you encounter sand flies? The reason I am asking, is because I would like to get some honest, first-hand feedback on the "cons" of living in Bellingen. We have only visited for a few days at a time and are now wanting to relocate there. We left Queensland because of the heat, midges and wind and would so like to be properly informed before going ahead with our decision. Many thanks in anticipation of your reply, Linda
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1st November 2017

Hello Linda, how intriguing - I have just lately been thinking of Bellingen - very fondly! We didn't have any issues with sandflies or midges while we were there. Possibly this had to do with the time of year? I did hear that it can get very hot, but nothing that some good aircon couldn't solve. And there's an outdoor swimming pool (or there was when we were there) which is open during the summer only. Lots of luck and hope you enjoy! :)
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12th November 2015

What an amazing holiday you guys have had. Very interesting reading! Love Gina xx
13th November 2015

Thank you
Thank you Gina! We have found a lovely place to stay for our last night. So glad that you are enjoying the blog :-)
5th February 2013

Thanks for the article and a correction
Hi, Thanks for this review of Gladstone. Very useful as they are hard to find. A small correction - the population is just under 30 thousand, not 30 million! Cheers!
10th December 2012

Thank you and good luck
I'm keeping your blog in my 'favourites' for when you re-start your journey. Can't wait to follow you around WA. Good luck with the flat and job hunting. Lots of love, Barbara xxx
17th September 2012

Jackie, please please don't let Dean write the blog, I've seen his spelling and you will have to translate for everyone :) xx
25th September 2012

Hahaaa, that exactly is my worry too! Where DID that boy go to school?? ;-) Don't worry - I've decided I'm too attached to let go of the blog... xo
8th August 2012

Cool seed pods
Hey Jax, found what the seed pod is: Common names: Moreton bay chestnut, Black Bean. Native to Australian (Queensland) rainforest Despite these seeds being very poisonous, they were a traditional food source for Australian aborigines, who valued their protein, fat and fibre content. To remove the toxins and make the seeds edible, they were steamed, then sliced very finely and rinsed in running water for two to three days before being pulped and eaten like rice. Note: This is a simplified version of the traditional preparation techniques: we do not recommend anyone eat Black Bean seeds, without the correct preparation.
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23rd August 2012

Cool, thanks Gina! Now we know not to eat them!! :-)
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19th June 2012

Hey Jackie, shocked to see you photographed with a pelican, (and posted for all to see)!!! But then I guess it's not a big carrot or donut. Kaitlyn wanted to know if it was real! ha ha ha
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14th July 2012

big pelican
Aah, only just saw this. Must check the comments section more often ;-) Yes, I don't know what came over me to have my photo taken next to a 'big thing'... I guess it was Dean's comment about it being an interactive/moving pelican! So cute re Kaitlyn's comment :-)
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28th May 2012

Byron bay accomodation
Nice blog, thanks for sharing!!!
12th April 2012

That monkey is sooo cute!! I want one!! Glad you guys are having such a fab time, it's great reading about all the places you are visiting. Love Gina and co.
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19th April 2012

Isn't the monkey adorable?! Apparently he's sitting like that, with his hands and feet tucked in, in order to keep nice and warm :-) Thanks so much for your email with the birthday photos. You should seriously become a professional cake maker! Will email back soon. Lots of love x5 Jxx
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14th March 2012

Mystery Bay - Lamont Young
Hi - great to hear you loved Mystery Bay. I am a avid researcher / historian of the Mystery at Mystery Bay. Could you tell where, how or perhaps who you got this information from: "...boat – with heavily blood stained timber..." Having read most of the Police and Mining Files on the case and a book written by Cryril Pearl in 1978, and currently writing a script myself this is the first time I have heard or read the boat was "heavilly stained in blood". Very interested to know more...? And if it so happens you think you may have misquoted somthing or someone that's ok, lots of people have done that - but if there really was blood in the boat I would really like to know for my own research etc. Cheers, Simon
16th March 2012

Hi Simon Ah, what a great place to research! We really did love it there. Sadly we couldn't stay there overnight, but we plan to go back another time! This is the website where I found the information about the blood stained timber: Admittedly, it's the only reference I saw that mentioned any blood, but I kind of liked it so picked that as part of the story. If the police report didn't mention that though, then I expect the author of that website exaggerated a bit. I hope this helps and good luck with the research :-) Cheers Jackie
20th February 2012

Looks like your having a great time. I completely agree with you about Mona. It was a bit bitter sweet, amazing art but it definitely pushes the boundaries. I think there is something for everyone to love and for everyone to disagree with. I am so pleased you enjoyed Tassy, i love it there! Beautiful!
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