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North America » United States » Alaska » Homer May 7th 2016

Day: 20/21 Distance: 7026 Hey guys! I'm in Homer (doh!) at the bottom of the Kenai Peninsula. Well ok ok (knitpickers), as far south as I can go by car. So the score is: I've made it driving as far as you can going north, south and east in Alaska. I screwed up and didn't stay on SR 2 when it split to go on the Dalton Highway! Drat! That would have taken me to Manley Hot Springs. Of course there are towns (Juneau being the obvious example) that are further in all 4 Cardinal Directions but you have to get to them either by ferry/boat or air. Yesterday was a fairly easy drive and relaxing. Well, except going through Anchorage during rush hour on a Friday. That wasn't fun. Apparently, there is a loop road ... read more
On the peninsula in Moose Pass looking over Jean Lake (?)
My campsite
Sitting back and relaxing

North America » United States » Alaska » Wasilla May 6th 2016

Day: 17/18/19/20 Distance: 6580 Hi everyone! I dropped off the grid there for awhile didn't I? I actually had a blog ready to go on the 18th, but I couldn't get the map or the pictures loaded so I decided to wait until I found a better spot. I didn't. I'm now in Wasilla at a FredMyers superstore and let me tell you, they have the best darn Internet of all the places I have gone to. I'm amazed at how fast it is. Anywho, I'm guessing this blog will be extra large; maybe not since I didn't really do much yesterday. More on that later. A warning, my verb tenses may be mixed up since this is two blogs joined together. I'll try to catch any inconsistencies. So I woke up Tuesday (in a Fairbank's ... read more
Denali (the completely snow covered one)
Denali National Park
Get out of my way!

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks May 2nd 2016

Day: 15/16 (I think) Distance: Over 6K (I think) I'm back in Fairbanks! I haven't slept in 48 hours and I am really really tired. I found a decent hotel on (free plug!) here in Fairbanks so that I can recharge my depleted stores of sleep. I've also overdosed during this leg of the trip on fear, anger, annoyance, angst (probably more angst then anger). I've really overdosed on annoyance. Let me take you, gentle reader, to yesterday after I entered my blog at Coldfeet and was about to leave... Wanting to get a flight to Barrow so that I could see the Arctic Ocean and play with the Narwhals, I got back on the Internet excuse they call the satellite access and proceeded to go through more agonzing hell of trying to pull up ... read more
Look how happy I am by the camping site
Suicide birds
Musk Ox

North America » United States » Alaska May 1st 2016

Location: Coldfoot Camp (blog via Satellite) Only posted partial pictures because of horrible Internet connectivity! No map for the same reason. Will update this post when I can (Update: I'm back in Fairbanks and have updated the Post) Day: 14/15 Distance: 5514 miles So yesterday was mostly uneventful after I left Fairbanks to head up to Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay. I didn't get on the road until after 5; you know, after the blog, fueling, and grabbing a medium pizza from Dominoes. I took SR 2 north to Livengood. SR 2 wasn't exactly a great road. It was paved but the way it was paved kind of made me think that the surveyor for the road was either sadistic or drunk. Perhaps both. There was dips, valleys, crest and ripples in the road that made navigation tricky. I ... read more
At the Arctic Circle (I'm swatting at huge blood suckers)
Washed out road, down to single lane road (barely).
Lake near Bettles River (north of Coldfeet)

North America » United States » Alaska April 30th 2016

Day: 13/14 Distance: Over 5K (too lazy to go outside to the car and get the mileage) Hello armchair travelers! I finally pulled into Fairbanks an hour or so ago. I found a Barnes and Noble for the wifi access and am now writing this entry. The story to date: After leaving Whitehorse yesterday. My initial plan was to go up on PR 2, known as the Top of the World Highway. I had just turned on the highway when I realized that I saw a sign about the port of entry but I wasn't sure what it said. I stopped, did a u-turn and went back to the sign. Well damn. The port of entry is closed for the season, like until May 20 something or other. Now I could have driven the 500+ miles ... read more
Dawson Range to the southwest
Haines Junction
Grizzly bear

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse April 29th 2016

Day: 12/13 Distance: 4651 Miles Good morning, eh. I got up this morning at 5:30 because it was nice and bright. I went to bed the night before at 10pm and it was nice and bright. Well technically, twilighty. You could read by it. I thought the other camper people were being weird for going to sleep early until I looked at my clock. 10PM! I don't think it ever got totally dark. This kinda puts a crimp in my plans to see the Northern Lights. I figure it's just going to get worse the further north I go. I wonder if I'll go bonkers like Pacino in Insomnia? You guys will be the first to know. Yesterday after I left Toad River (I keep wanting to call it Toad Hollow) I took off down PR ... read more
Lots of Buffalo
Mama Black Bear with cub
Indifferent Black Bear

North America » Canada » British Columbia April 28th 2016

Day 11 Distance 4161 We’ll I've written this log entry already but I have somehow lost it. Grumble grumble. So to recap: At Fort Nelson I decided to head north on PR 77 towards Inuvik in the far north of the Yukon. My original plan was to head to Dawson City and go north from there to Inuvik. Instead I hit 77 and go north whistling a merry tune (I can’t really can’t whistle, so it's just as well you weren't there) and enjoying the scenery. About a third of the way towards Fort Liard I hit a bridge being worked on. The entire bridge lanes are being replaced. Next to the original bridge support structure, the construction crew have laid a single lane wooden planked bridge that stretched over the river gorge. It was with ... read more
Petitot River
Bear cub
Black bear foraging

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Fort Nelson April 27th 2016

Day: 10/11 Distance: 3809 miles After posting yesterday's blog I booked it out of Prince George going up on PR 97 towards Dawson's Creek. About 50 km from Dawson's Creek I changed my mind about going there since there was another road called PR29 that looped to the The Alaskan Highway and Fort St. John and ultimately Fort Nelson. I'd figure I would try to get to Fort Nelson by nightfall. Getting that far should allow me to make the Yukon easily enough the next day. Interestingly, when I turned onto the Alaskan highway, there was a big 'ole sign saying it was the law that all cars traveling from Oct 1st (I think) to April 30th must have winter tires. So technically I am breaking the law since I'm driving the highway without winter tires. ... read more
Bijoux Falls
Bijoux Falls
That dip was way deeper than I thought

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Prince George April 26th 2016

Day: 9/10 Distance: 3309 miles After leaving the dear reader at Banff, I took off north on CR 1 which quickly became PR 93 heading north through the Rocky Mountain Forest and Parks such as Kootenay, Banff, YoHo and Jasper. It looks like the western edge of this park range is the British Columbia and Alberta (how sad is this? I initially typed Albertsons) border. I came to a split in the road and I took the right fork thinking I was going the right direction. About 45 minutes later I looked at the GPS and noticed I was going southwest (yes I know guys, where is my infallible sense of direction?). Apparently I zoned out or was really trying not to hit any animals because I had mistakenly taken 93A. A? What's up with that ... read more
Looking almost straight up at a peak
On PR 93
My last resort.

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff April 25th 2016

Day: 8 Distance: 2853 Departing Whitefish I took US 93 north. Nice scenery, beautiful trees, gorgeous snow capped mountains in the distance, and rain, rain, rain, rain. Double ugh, with a yuk here and there. Normally I don't mind rain (as Kim knows) but all I can think about is the up-and-coming campsite where I have to setup in this soup. My only hope is to see if a few hundred miles will relieve some of this gloom (it didn't). Meanwhile I tried to enjoy the lack of glare (small yea - a Monty Python yea). At the border, I meet the nice people of the Canadian Customs Service. Me being a terrorist AND a drug mule made for some nervous customs interaction let me tell you (that was tongue-in-cheek NSA). I wondered how I would ... read more
Kootenay National Park
Banff National Park
Wolf seen at Banff National Park

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